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Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA90-34VA-01 Men’s Watch

Author: Jason CA
by Jason CA
Posted: Oct 19, 2018
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In today’s world of dressing accessories determined by the ongoing fashion trends, there are more numbers of diver-styled watches than real divers. It’s those real divers that are to blame. Primarily, it’s the price. An authentic diver watch has many- if not more – years of observations and rectifications, carried out painstakingly to become successful units that help you know the time (and its fractions) as you go deeper into the blue. Even that oxygen you are breathing in is tracked by a divers watch; digitally or in the old analog way. Okay, almost…it counts the time that you have and the time you got left before you run all dry. All that boils down to a single point: Your diver should be good and that costs money.

Well, not always. That’s why we started this conversation on the Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA90-34VA-01 Men’s Watch! This one is built to even handle land conditions, though it won’t measure the altitude or atmospheric pressure or maybe, the tide. But it can definitely tell the time you have spent after an activity and the time left to complete an activity; direction and of course, the regular time, day and date. Clear as daylight!

That’s one of the traits of any real diver. The Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA90-34VA-01 Men’s Watch has a dial that’s simple and visible, under all conditions. A simple, three-hander layout with a day and a date display with the minute hand bestowed with extra prominence! For, you don’t dive for hours (unless in submarines and in other specially-designed, submersible, diving vehicles) at a stretch; your diving time spans in minutes. The more the minute hand stands out, better it is. That’s why the helium-release valve is; such diving uses air mixed with helium for breathing and helium easily escapes through the protective rubber gaskets. The inside pressure is enough to pop the glass once back to surface; the valve is its escape pathway.

The bright red border in this case is the most popular and effective color choice (only next to orange; followed by yellow and green). Descending makes most colors fade in vision except very bright ones; the red tends to not fade out for a long time.

Adds to this the very large hour markers of the Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA90-34VA-01 Men’s Watch and in any condition, it will be a clear view that is easy to follow at a glance! The sapphire crystal, deep set within the bezel, has a large part to play.

The bezel is unidirectional and has no play. Very easy to grip and rotate, even under wet circumstances, with dive gloves on! A reliable NH36A caliber Seiko movement (based on the caliber 7S26) with 24 jewels ticks within the case; it has a central-seconds hand and allows hacking and manual winding. The case back is curved (bowl-shaped), making the New Ratio Watch sit much easier on the wrist.

Bottom line: The Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic Men’s Watch is one easily affordable dive watch that breaks the norm! Which means - It goes beyond your club’s swimming pools and the safely-designed hazard-simulations of your favorite water-park.

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Ratio watches are your final answer against spending big money on totally uninteresting and horologically juvenile watches.

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Author: Jason CA

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