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How an interior designer can save your money

Author: Nandni Sethi
by Nandni Sethi
Posted: Oct 20, 2018

How an interior designer can save your money?

All of us know that an interior designer can design a beautiful, elegant and modern home, office or any other commercial building, but most of us don’t hire an interior designer for our interior requirement. Because there is a myth that an interior designer will cost you more that doing your interior designing and decorating yourself, here we are going to show you how an interior designer can save your money.

  1. An Interior Designer will save you from making costly mistake: An interior designer is a professional and know what to purchase and how to purchase on the other side you are not professional that’s why you can buy something that will not add any value to your interiors and after purchasing it you have to sold it to someone in low prices or you need to be satisfied with the same piece of furniture. For example you need to buy a sofa for your living room then it is possible that you will buy a sofa which is not a good fit in the size in your room or color of the sofa will not match with your room color. But an interior designer can tell you what color and what size of sofa you need which suits and fits perfectly in your room. That’s how an interior designer can save you from making costly mistakes.
  2. An Interior designer can save a lot of time: There is a saying "TIME IS MONEY" and this is true. Because we can invest our time in more important things rather than designing our home or office. We need to handle clients, we need to do job or we need to spend our time with our family. So, it is important that we have time to do all the thing we need to do, that’s why you should hire an interior designer because they can save you a lot of time. For example think if you want to purchase a rug for your dining room then you have to go to shops and choose which suits best this can take a lot of time but if you hire an interior designer then you just need to tell your interior designer that you need a rug in your dining room and they will make sure that you will get the best rug for your dining room which looks beautiful and fit perfect in the size for your dining room.
  3. Replacement Cost of furniture: An interior designer have experience and expertise to judge a piece of furniture, so he or she can judge if the quality of the furniture is good or not. But, we can’t judge the quality of furniture. That’s why we need to replace our furniture with new furniture more often if we bought furniture ourselves, but if an interior designer will purchased it for us then we never need to worry about the quality, because it will last long and save your replacement cost in the long run.
  4. An interior designer can repurpose your piece: Repurposing is also a great way to save your money. An interior designer can reuse the chairs, furniture and sofa by painting, coating and cleaning them, it is a good option because it is cost effective rather than buying new furniture or chairs.
  5. Save Your Money: An interior designer can save your money, yes it is true. Because an interior designer have lots of contacts to purchase materials, artworks and other furniture that’s why they will get a discount on every purchase they make from their contacts and they share a part of the discount with clients. An interior designer can’t share the entire discount with their clients because they are also in the business, so they can give you a part of discount that they will get from the purchase. This can save up to 10% on your purchasing and this is a win-win situation for both client and interior designer.

6. Budget and Planning: If you do your interior designing and decorating yourself then it is possible that the entire budget you have exhausted before completing a project. But, when you hire an interior designer they will keep you on the budget and complete your project within your given budget.

Now let’s sum it up, we can say that an interior designer is a problem solver and create creative solutions that simplify your life. An interior designer always thinks ahead and knows how each step will impact the next one. Even a simple decision like wall color and style will affect other decision that we can make.

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HI, My Name is Nandni. I am a content writer, blogger and digital marketer. Here I am sharing articles and tips about interior design.

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