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How to Compare different Learning Management System in WordPress

Author: Manjula Shukla
by Manjula Shukla
Posted: Oct 27, 2018

Introduction of Learning Management System (LMS)

Nowadays, student prefers e-learning course than classroom studies. LMS is a software, that help in creating e-learning platforms. It provides support to the administration, documentation, tracking report, and delivery of educational courses.

LMS is a tool that also helps you in data analyzing and making reports. It helps you to create a base for online learning.

A user can create all type of content, video, document and test. Learning Management System (LMS) Provides information about students score, result, and report. If students want to learn from online courses, It gives the way to get knowledge in a specific subject, what students want to learn through the Learning Management System(LMS). Students can save time. If he will learn from this e-learning software.

As a user, when they will integrate this software. They can make contents, create test and quiz. Also can sell this tutorial and earn money through this e-learning software. They can start an online business using Wordpress website and teach to the student worldwide.

Learning Management System (LMS) Feature

The feature of the LMS is track students attendance, online assessment and manage courses.

When user will use this application then he can make a report, assign a task to the student. They can make course content, manage courses as well, generate reports, send messages, notification and upcoming events.

A student can start immediately at his own specific time. They can easily learn from e-learning courses.

A user can integrate virtual classroom, They can give data storage and technical support and sell the course online.

Pros and cons of Learning Management System(LMS)


There is some major advantage like adaptability, reusability, maintenance, accessibility, and durability.

  • A user can make a tutorial at formats like audio, video, text, and document.

  • The teacher can edit the student’s data anytime and track attendance record of the student.

  • A student can download study material and can use it for building concept.


  • Infrastructure should be built with technology.

  • Its extra burden for teachers.

  • A user is not comfortable at the first time, so online awareness should important.

Learning Management System(LMS) Easily Integrate into WordPress

Learning Management System is a plugin, which is used for online e-learning, students tracking data and maintain online data. It integrates into WordPress. There are various types of plugin, which is based on the Learning Management System.

Why is it necessary to use WordPress LMS Plugin

If you have a course-related WordPress website. It is an advantage to use of the Learning Management System(LMS) Plugin. You can maintain your work easily, create content and sell course and earn money. Its use is increasing day by day because a user can easy to use.

People can smart and get advanced level training in e-learning. They can learn at his own convenient time and get knowledge at own way. He has the freedom to learn each and every lesson, what he wants to learn.

Students can save time and get reports of his own performance. They can start instant and learn easily, after successful completion, of course, he will get a certificate.

Learning Management System (LMS) is useful for schools, colleges, and universities. The teacher can save time and track the record of the student. A teacher can maintain a report and make a new report.

Advantage of Learning Management System(LMS) Plugin

  • The learner gets instant result, what he is learning from it.

  • LMS gives the grading system, which is good for the student.

  • When Learners learns from it and he will get certification of the course.

  • Now Let's Compare of Some best Plugin of LMS.

Comparison of Different Learning Management System(LMS) in WordPress


It is a free LMS plugin for WordPress. It contains all feature like easy to use, easy to editing, easy to sell and easy to modify. A user can use free of cost. It is easy to create courses, export and import course from another website. It is a user-friendly plugin. A user can create quizzes and grading.

LearnApress plugin allows you to integrate with various forums like bbpress forums. A user can also connect with social media platforms.

Free Add-ons


Prerequisite courses

Course Review


LifterLMS is another useful Plugin for Wordpress. A user can make new content and modify old content into WordPress website. he can easily integrate with payment gateways like PayPal and MailChimp.

You can Provide useful feature like social learning, certificate, and badges. A user can expand and enhance LifterLMS with Add-ons. he can make a new document, audio, and video. It is an automated email system, which is useful and easy to integrate with the student. It has a Custom sidebar and adds sidebar as well.

A user can monetize of Learning Management System(LMS) platform via a useful method


  • A user can Sell site wise membership of the course.

Membership with price

  • A user can sell all courses individually.


  • It gives benefit to user’s revenue.

  • When you want to upgrade LifterLMS, It gives first priority to you and adds an extra feature.


LearnDash is another useful LMS plugin for Wordpress but it is not free. It is easy to use and easy to sell courses. It has an awesome feature and great look. It is very user-friendly. A user can easily create quizzes, sell courses and certificate.

It Supports Multi-type Questions, story, and many more for the student. It gives a robust learning experience. It creates dedicated forums. A learner can use the feature of support and social media.

Free Payment Gateways

  • A user can use free payment gateways for online selling courses.

Course Grid

  • A user can see in grid feature.


  • It allows the organizer to buy the membership in bulk and It gives access to his employee.


Namaste!LMS is a free version Plugin for Wordpress. Its feature is user-friendly and you can create an unlimited course, assignment, and lesson. Its Pro version is also available, which gives extra features. You can add various rules for quizzes, and for multiple choice questions.

A learner can grab a certificate after completing the course. A user can categorize the course and set the rules.


It integrates with selling courses individually, selling test and quizzes. It increases your business gradually. Its integration gives extra income.

Benefit for students

Progress Report

A learner will get Progress report after giving quizzes.


Students will get a grade when he will give test and quizzes.


When Learner will complete the course and after that, he will get a certificate of that course.

Edwiser Bridge(Free)

It is the base Plugin, that integrates Wordpress and Moodle. You can import Moodle Courses into Wordpress. Edwiser bridge plugin is available for free. A user can install and activate it. It also Integrates with Woocommerce. It Establishes a connection between two separate platforms Moodle and Wordpress.


  • Online Training

  • Skill Development

  • Corporate Training

  • Sports Development

  • Academia

  • Medical Training


  • sell courses with Woocommerce and sell courses with the subscription.

  • translate at any language and import course as a draft to Wordpress.

  • create course categories.

  • Email Template Customization

  • Refund Functionality

Course press

It makes e-learning easy for Wordpress, You can Sell and Share tutorial, quiz, and test. You can share a video training course.


  • It comes without any course limitations. You can create an unlimited course and grading as well. It is a complete Learning Management System.

  • A user can sell with Woocommerce or Marketpress.

  • More test and quiz choice.

  • A user can Promote and sell of course.


  • A User can trust.

  • Unlimited Make courses.

  • Shortcode connection

  • A learner can download and upload the quiz file and another file as well.

  • Get all course customization

  • Complete certificate.

WP Courseware

It is another useful plugin for Learning Management System. It splits your courses into units. A learner can write text, embed (video and audio) and Share link. It has a drag and drops feature.

  • A User can include multiple choice question.

  • A User can create assignment and test.

  • It has Advance automation, tools that send personalized emails.

  • It integrates with Woocommerce.


  • It is user-friendly and easy to use, easy to editing, easy to create content, quiz, and test.


  • WP Courseware plugin is not free. A user will pay for every month.


As we have seen all the above plugin in depth as we have compared, All plugin have carried lots of features. Some Plugins carried extra feature, If you take membership of that plugin, he will give you extra feature and more user-friendly.

Its depend on you which plugins are useful, handy and reliable for your business. It is Important each and every user, who wants to use a Learning Management System(LMS) Plugin. If User has specific work and he wants to carry free version software. It is better for his business. If a user wants to use Paid version plugins because he has lots of work and he wants to extra feature for his business.

If you want to know more about WordPress you can visit our website

Learning Management System(LMS) is the best for your business, So We have described all the features, pros and cons.

We hope this article helped you. As per Your need, you can use anyone plugin for your business.

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