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Why Automation Testing Is In High-Demand In IT Industry?

Author: Itlearn 360
by Itlearn 360
Posted: Oct 30, 2018

New Technologies/applications are launching almost every day to help people to make their life easy whether it is related to the medical or to workplace or to daily life. With the help of these technologies or applications, our work can be done automatically. We do not need to do any manual work.

But the question is how can we ensure that applications that we are using will generate the actual/estimated results? Or in case something wrong happens then these applications will alert us like ‘something is wrong with your data’.

Well, when companies launch their applications, these applications are tested by their testing teams and in case of any error, they inform the development teams and try to fix those issues. But how testing teams test the applications?

Do they have some tools which check the applications itself or the teams have to do some coding through tools or they have to pass some demo data and tools will generate the data based on passed demo data? Yes… Testing teams use the automated tools which help them to test or check the applications.

Now the question is why automation testing??

Why we don’t go with Manual testing. The answer is we can go with Manual testing but if we test a big application then this process will take a lot of time. On the other hand, if we test that application through automation testing it will not take much time and we can perform the same tasks repeatedly with automation testing. Also through the automation testing, we can get errors/bugs earlier than the manual testing.

Benefits of Automation testing over Manual testing:

  1. We can save cost and time through Automation testing because if we go with manual testing it usually takes much time and requires more manpower as well as increases the cost and time proportionally.
  2. We can run test cases 24×7 whether we are physically present at the office or at home. What you need to do?? You need to write scripts & execute the test cases after that, tools and scripts will take care of your work. Tools will generate results and result reports are shared with respective teams.
  3. Need fewer human resources which results in lots of cost saving.
  4. We can re-use the same script or test case to test other applications also.
  5. Automation testing helps you find errors/bugs in the early stages of the software development process and thus reducing expenses as well as working hours to fix these problems.
  6. Automation testing is more reliable and quick way to test borning test cases those cannot be skipped.
  7. Automation testing also helps us to check what we have done so far, we can see the report to check which test cases passed or failed and also we can check what bugs we have fixed through generated reports.

Apart from the above points, there are more benefits which tend to switch our career from Manual testing to Automation testing like pay scales, the positive impact on the career with Automation testing skills etc…

Here is the list of some automation tools which are used for Software testing:

  1. Selenium
  2. Soap UI
  3. Jenkins
  4. QTP
  5. Telerik Test Studio
  6. Robotium
  7. TestComplete
  8. Watir
  9. Visual Studio Test Professional

From the above tools, Selenium is in high demand in the IT industry. Selenium is an open source tool & used for functional automation testing to check the functionality of web application. Selenium web driver libraries are available in different programming languages like Java, C#, Python PHP etc.

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