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Difference Between Private and Group Classes

Author: Guru Shwaasa
by Guru Shwaasa
Posted: Nov 01, 2018
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Learn about the differences between private Yoga classes and group classes while you go through this blog.

Yoga is amazing, irrespective of how and when you practice it. The meaning and benefits of Yoga do not get affected with your Yoga schedule and timings. The nurturing power of the health science is proportional to the intensity at which you embrace it. Whether its private classes or group sessions at the studio, the beauty of Yoga treats with similar affection to the aspirants of both categories, let’s be clear at the beginning itself. Based on the timing and health preferences of different people, the classes vary in their styles and rewards.

Traditionally, group Yoga classes at the studio or Yoga school has been more prevalent but since the advent of this modern and corporate world, there has been a drastic increase in the demand of private Yoga classes. Today’s life has become extremely congested with loads of responsibilities and work at the office as well as home. It is the primary factor contributing to the growing acceptance for private yoga classes, for such classes are available at any point of the time, whenever one is free. But that doesn’t make group classes less effective than the private ones and both have their own unique importance.

Private and Group Classes

People don’t join Yoga studios just to learn the art of practicing Yoga but, also to have an altogether different experience of interacting with people of diverse thoughts and social background. In modern time, the thing we miss the most is being social, and group Yoga classes help you be the same. When you do Yoga in a social environment, you get a chance to befriend people with whom you can share your issues.

Private classes hold the upper hand when it comes to personalized training. You have the freedom to choose which style you want to master or if you want to cure any specific disease. Also, there is no competition with anybody when you practice Yoga alone. You can ask the trainer to take a break at any point of time in case of more pressure on some body parts.

Personal Development

Both kinds of Yoga programs are a little different in terms of one’s personal development. While in a team, you become more social, a private Yoga class at the home gives you an opportunity to enhance bonding with your family. Yes, you read that correct, a private Yoga class is not all about one to one training, rather it also depicts a private family Yoga session. This way, you can care about your near and dear ones’ health and fitness as well.

One of the best things about the Group Yoga is that it makes you confident in many ways. Consulting the trainer about the class problem in front of a crowd takes some courage, which you will develop gradually in a group Yoga event. If you are an introvert and love to take challenges, group classes are the best to turn you into a positive being.

General Differences

Yoga classes are inspirational, filled with energy and positivity, and fantastic for those who love to attain the maximum benefits from Yoga. While competition is not what Yoga teaches, pushing your limits is the secret of being successful. The encouraging atmosphere in the air of a Yoga studio helps you push your limits in a positive manner and work on your health more intensely. In a private session, you progress gradually and witness your transformation on daily basis. It is more of a fitness-centric type than other aspects of human life. In addition, when you are in touch with a personal trainer, sharing your problems and fitness goals is a little easier.

Yoga is always beneficial irrespective of the form you are enjoying. There are a number of daily Yoga classes in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and other megacities in India, you can join for your growth. If Yoga entices you to a great extent and you are aspiring to become a Yoga teacher, joining a Yoga teacher training in India is the best decision you can make.

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The Author is a Traveler and a Yoga Teacher in India.He loves writing on yoga related stuff. He has been practioning yoga from last 7 years.His strong connection with yoga has made him to organize Yoga classes.

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