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Manual wheelchair for a more convenient life

Author: Kirsten Yang
by Kirsten Yang
Posted: Nov 03, 2018

Manual wheelchairs are an important means of transportation for people with reduced mobility. It allows people with limited mobility to complete independent travel through their own efforts. The price of a manual wheelchair is very affordable. It is not as expensive as an electric wheelchair and a smart wheelchair, and it can also be used as a means of transportation, and it is more suitable for families with a low economy. Therefore, the existence of a manual wheelchair is still necessary.

There are many types of manual wheelchairs available on the market today. If you look at the function of the wheelchair, you can divide it into a normal manual wheelchair and a special manual wheelchair. These two types of wheelchairs are very different, so they have some unique characteristics. The ordinary type has simple basic functions such as riding, transportation and folding, while the special type is designed according to some special needs of the user to facilitate the user. Some manual wheelchairs have a toilet seat on them, or the backrest is raised, or the wheelchair is designed to be reclining or one-handed. These wheelchairs are all special type manual wheelchairs. However, no matter how the wheelchair is designed, it always takes the user's needs as the starting point to meet the needs of the user and bring the user's life. Therefore, manual wheelchairs are still very useful now.

Manual wheelchairs generally have several components that are fixed. Pusher, wheelchair frame, wheel, brakes, anti-backup device, foot pedal and seat are made up of basic parts. Manual wheelchairs with special requirements will have other components, which are based on market demand..

Manual wheelchairs have many advantages and are therefore popular with consumers. Some of the advantages of this type of wheelchair will be listed below for those who need a wheelchair to do something to be measured when purchasing a wheelchair.

A good manual wheelchair should have the following characteristics:

1.The detachable aluminum alloy heart-shaped connecting foot pedal can be adjusted or flipped up;

2.Comfortable and breathable backrest and seat cushion that can be removed for easy cleaning;

3.4-inch front wheel, 22-inch rear wheel, 360-degree rotation for easy route change;

4.Aluminum alloy steel frame provides reliable stability and good durability;

5.Buffer armrests and swingable foot pedals enhance wheelchair comfort;

6.The aluminum alloy steel used is light and has a folding design, which can be easily folded, placed in the trunk of the car or brought on the plane;

7.Good load carrying capacity, stress resistance, corrosion resistance and welding performance;

8.High-quality brakes to ensure the safety of wheelchairs;

9.The design of the foot pedal should be reasonable so that the legs and feet can be protected from damage when using a wheelchair;

10.The frame of the wheelchair should also be integral so as to enhance the robustness of the frame. Also, the detachable wheelchair handle and armrest should also be turned to one side;

11. The large seat is equipped with a sturdy backrest for comfort and safety;

12. It is designed with an ultra-low back to expand the user's upper body space for exercise;

13. The center of gravity is adjustable, the center of gravity near the front is more flexible, and the center of gravity near the rear is safer;

15. Quick release rear wheel for easy transfer;

16. Height adjustable to ensure more convenient body movement.

The above-mentioned high-quality manual wheelchair should have only some of its characteristics, and a good wheelchair also has other features. But without exception, these features should be full of humanity and user-friendly. Wheelchairs are great means of transport, making it easy for users to travel.

In addition, the wheelchair also needs to perform some necessary maintenance. Here are some ways to maintain your wheelchair:

  1. Before using the wheelchair and within one month, check whether the bolts are loose. If loose, tighten them in time. Check every three months during normal use to ensure that all parts of the wheelchair are good.
  2. If the wheelchair is in contact with water during use, it should be dried in time. The normal use of the wheelchair should also be cleaned frequently to prolong the service life and maintain the appearance.
  3. Always check the flexibility of the rotating mechanism of wheelchair and use lubricating oil to maintain it.

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