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Essential Options for the Perfect Video Surveillance

Author: Gw Security
by Gw Security
Posted: Nov 08, 2018
When we talk about the Smart Home, in other words the smart home, security is a major concern. Surveillance is the specialty of these small IP cameras: they are lookouts that monitor your home in your absence. Suspicious movement is detected? Your camera alerts you immediately on your Smartphone. You have access to your camera wherever you are, without even a computer at hand.

Body: The installation of this personal and economical video surveillance system does not require the intervention of a professional: all these cameras have been chosen and tested by Tom's Guide, because you can proceed to install them yourself. Normally, this only takes a few minutes. But as you will read below, this promise made by manufacturers is not always fulfilled.

In addition, some cameras have a very broad sense of the security dimension. Home with Withings : It's not just about locating a burglar, but measuring the air quality or keeping an eye on the baby. The other use in vogue is to watch his dog or cat and scold him, if necessary, through the speaker. Finally, aesthetic research is developing; some models no longer really look like a classic camera. If you want to preserve your decor, it may be a criterion not to neglect.

Brilliant against the challenges of video surveillance

Combined with the best Network Video Recorder as well as network cameras, the AXIS 262+ IP Video Recorder provides a complete surveillance solution for locating in-store flights, preventing false alarms, enhancing staff security and remotely controlling infrastructure. The system is ideal for monitoring small shops, service stations, hotels and other small offices.

Professional solution for IP registration

Easy to install and use, it is a complete recording solution that can connect directly to networks and remotely controllable over a local network or the Internet. It offers the ability to record while at the same time accessing live images or recorded video from no less than eight network cameras. Recording can be programmed or triggered, recording speeds of up to 240 frames per second in QVGA (320x240 pixels) and CIF (352x240 in NTSC format, 352x288 in PAL format).

Hard disk recording

Its 250 GB hard disk can store for example 13 days of VGA recording at the rate of one frame per second from eight different video channels, and without any loss of quality compared to the original images provided by the cameras. Data recorded on the Affordable HD Network Video Recorder can be exported to a local PC file or computer.


An IP video recording system featuring network cameras and an IP video recorder from Network Video Recorder Manufacturers provides a complete and consistent solution for all monitoring and control activities.

The monitoring system can be installed on a standard IP network. Network cameras are connected directly to the IP network, without the need to run a multitude of coaxial cables. The IP Video Recorder from Best NVR Company provides on-site image recording and event processing for the store. Video streams are recorded at a preset frequency, either according to a specific schedule or following motion detection. The computerized system in the service of the stores provides real-time monitoring.

A network camera is filming the rear entrance The I / O port is connected to a passive infrared motion detector to provide increased monitoring of activities

  • Network camera films store space
  • Network camera films the cash register
  • A wireless camera is present for mobile surveillance.
  • A network camera attached to the ceiling films the main entrance

Live video and archive recordings can be viewed on any authorized PC connected to the local network or the Internet. Thanks to the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the system will continue to operate even in the event of a power failure. One must buy Network Video Recorder to be able to enjoy all these facilities.

User interface

The main display screen of Video Recorder Manufacturer A plus video recorder provides access to configuration tools to customize the video recorder and adjust it to your needs.
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