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Handle The Housing System Better With An Exclusive Society Management Software

Author: Deepti Gaur
by Deepti Gaur
Posted: Nov 09, 2018

Housing is a basic need of every human being. The housing woes of urban areas and the rural areas differ a lot. There is ample land in the countryside and growing horizontal to the extent you deem convenient and manageable is the norm. But the scenario in an urban set up is different. There is no enough land available for people to build houses the growth has gone vertical. Thus it helps provide ample housing for the maximum number of people seeking shelter. These apartments come under a society to manage all the facilities provided. And now when digital is the word go everything here is managed digitally via the society management system.

Then how does this digital system work?It is akin to a central managing system where it is a mix of both human and machine managing the whole society. There is so much to do at the society where hundreds of apartments are allotted to various tenants and owners. These, in turn, are provided with different kinds of modern-day facilities and amenities. At the end of each month, the fee for such facilities, the rent, and other kinds of revenue need to be billed and then collected and accounted for.

Easy to provide amenitiesEach house needs to be provided with various facilities and amenities without any hitch on a day to day basis. Then if there is any discrepancy or any flaw in the same complaints need to be taken and heeded to. Usually, a management committee is appointed to look into these matters. But when the society is huge with members ranging in hundreds and also the temperament of each of these is different and so are the timings, it is humanly impossible to track each and every act of each of the members.

Moreover, you need to provide parking facility, handle the visitors and much more. Keeping track of these visitors who sneak in at odd hours is really a tough task. All this and more needs someone deft and efficient to track and know the happenings around the society with precision. What better way than using technology do you have in this digital age. The technical advancements in this age are so innovative that you can develop software to do any kind of work.

Going digitalSo here you have the society management software. Installing this in the society you can have it do multiple tasks like • Visitor management• Staff management • Maintenance management • Facility management • Parking management• Internal circulars• Inventory• Accounting • Marking attendanceAnd much more.

Benefits galoreWhen you have a digital assistant to help you manage your society there are a lot of benefits of using this.• Enhanced safety due to a deft tracking system which records all the visitor information and also prevents any unauthorized entry into the society.• Accounting becomes easy. There is a lot of accounting to be done at the end of each month. Maids, staff, electricity, plumbing, gas, rent and so on need to be accounted for and bills need to be generated at the end of each month. These are common facilities but some societies may be providing some optional facilities like gym, sports area, swimming, spa and so on. These have to be billed only for the takers. This difficult task is easily managed by the software system.• Passing on information and notices via circular becomes easy when each member is notified via an email or a message via the phone. • Storing the data of each member becomes easy when the digital mode is used.• Marking of attendance of staff is easier doing it in a digital way.• Day to day operation of the society is rendered easy because all the procedures get streamlined due to the digitization.

Furthermore, each and every society that uses this kind of management software can get it customized for its use. This makes it easy and also an exclusive system that can be operated only by its registered members rendering it much safer.

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