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Shedding Away Those Extra Holiday Pounds

Author: Andre Wouansi
by Andre Wouansi
Posted: Nov 11, 2018
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Binge season is ON. With Thanksgiving feasts just around the corner and Christmas and New Year parties lined up to follow, there is going to be a whole lot of turkey, potatoes, cake and ice cream in the menu at all times. Which means, you are looking at tighter clothes, chubbier cheeks and a whole lot of crash diets to undo said previous changes before the new term kicks off. Holiday season is rarely kind on the waistline, whether you are a teenager or a retired homemaker.

Here is an educated guess on how most of you are intending to spend these vacations; feet up, Netflix On, big bowl of chips and lots of candy and coke to binge on. Sure, some of you are going to actually go out, probably stick to your gym routines and eat right, but I can bet my bonuses that the likes of you are in a minority here.

So my bingers worried about how you are going to lose those pounds that you are inevitably set to gain, here are some sure-shot pointers that I believe will help you out so you can tuck in, worry free.

1. Gulp down water and keep doing so. I am highly certain that you are tired of hearing this, but as far as inevitable lifestyle practises go, this tops the list.

2. Fitness is a commitment. This statement feels rather contradictory to my previous encouragement of your binging but bear with me here. If you have already committed yourself to the gym or any fitness centre, this break should be just a break. Most people I know have trouble getting back to their regular fitness routines once they have taken a break. Don’t be them.

  1. Keep reminding yourself vacation is over, once it is. You are certainly going to have trouble restricting your dinners to carb-less nutrient filled ‘boring’ meals after days of sugar filled treats. Here is a way to control your cravings for good: wait it out for about ten minutes. Just ignore those pangs and distract yourself for this time, chew on a carrot maybe and notice how that slice of cheesecake doesn’t seem as tempting.
  2. Increase Frequency, Decrease Quantity. This mantra is a lifelong change you will NOT regret making. Eat the same amount of food you would in a day, just split it many ways. Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is how many calories your body burns performing routine physiological functions such as digestion. More number of digestions equal more calories burnt.
  3. Get Creative! Craving something cold? Say no to the ice cream sundaes and try your hand at original recipes such as frozen bananas or mangoes, ice chips drizzled with lemon syrup and a little sugar or so on.
  4. Set realistic and reasonable goals. Let’s face it, if we were as strong willed as we often pretend/like to be, we would have not binged and spiralled our way into happy food zone in the first place.

Trust me, every time I need to lose a few of the pounds weighing me down post-holiday season, I have found these tips to work effectively for me and hence I can guarantee that this is bound to work for you as well. Share your ideas and thoughts on this and let’s get the weight loss discussion going.

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