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A Guide To Wearing Rings

Author: Andrew Wilson
by Andrew Wilson
Posted: Nov 16, 2018

Here we parachute again into one of the most conservative styles of all time for the men’s trend timeline. Nope, it’s not the brown leather bracelet this time, but we are now swimming in the stereotyped waters of wearing rings. Naah, not unisex rings, but specifically rings for men and mind you don’t tell me you count in the ring gang if you wear the only wedding ring you owe. Why am I being so mean or maybe rude? Not rude. Come on, just chill, but that fact is so legit that we guys consider the only ring to be worn in our lives as the awesomely dearly wedding ring. Yes, I very well believe that no other ring can take its place, but let’s be plain, bold and have a clear motive to try out and check out all the other options we have out there.

And before we get into it, don’t forget to erase off all the misconceptions that rings and men don’t find the same cups or links. Frankly, yes, why is not the trend-setters and reset the default styles for men which are very limited indeed. There are basically four types of rings which have the major role in the entire play. These characters revolve around, being for reasons such that include traditions, religions and culture, the layout and designs, family rings, affiliation rings or memorial rings.

The very common example of a traditional and cultural ring, which probably everyone is aware of being a wedding ring from the Christian roots specifically, all thanks to the classic movies and cartoon reels which are complete with the bridesmaids, flowers, and tuxedos. The other major type which is a memorial ring is a down the history ring which also comes under a family ring tag and is given down the generations as a symbol of being a member of the so and so community or clan.

And for those who like being very artistic, break the regular norms and stay unique which sadly happen to be very few, go for rings with specific designs especially according to their own tastes and personality such as skull rings. Woah, these rings remind me those heavy screeching metal hits of the 90s. But if you are being honest and telling me that you haven’t ever gone for a shopping spree for something which you might tag not so very important thing, then here is a note for you that might help you go out and get that damn intimidating task off your checklist.

Firstly, take time, breath, let go and analyze what and why are you out on that free time for the skull rings. Is it that occasion coming around? Or maybe you want some new tough macho man drama or something very casual and not over the board flashy aka sober and subtle toned. Next, pick up the size of your desirable ring and most probably that depends on what finger you would like the ring to be worn on. Now here comes the deal, always remember that buying a ring is never easy and to top it off buying it online is even difficult, so don’t forget check out print off measuring tapes lest you want that first-time experience to ruin it forever for you. And lastly how thick you want the ring to be and of what material similar to that of the brown leather bracelet.

The writer, Andrew is a geek who is freaked about researching and enlightening people about contemporary jewelry and trends like the brown leather bracelet, especially for men. Here he dives into a pool of skull rings and the other types which are again considered very unconventional, but these are very elegant.

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