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Explaining a Brief Definition of Retirement Planning Calculators

Author: Troy Alderman
by Troy Alderman
Posted: Nov 17, 2018

Calculating Our Finances before Retirement:

It seems that most of the Retirement Calculators on the Internet are designed by investment and securities firms whose goal is to make you invest with them and make them money. These calculators do not necessarily give you the true picture of your retirement finances. If you plan to work after retirement and the calculator does not allow for income from a retirement job, your retirement financial projections will be off by a mile. Income from a retirement job can have a very positive impact on your retirement finances. Even these calculators have a weakness since they ask for the amount of annual income from a job after retirement, but do not ask for the age when that income will stop.

Calculating Our Finances after Retirement:

Once we retire, the variables involved in calculating retirement finances are greatly reduced. Unless Aunt Bess leaves you an unexpected inheritance in her will, you know the amount of your retirement savings that has to last your lifetime. Unless inflation runs away during our retirement, the major variables we have to consider are how much we budget to spend each year, the amount we make from our retirement job, and how long we choose to work at that retirement job. Income from a retirement job has a very positive impact on your retirement finances. Let's do a fast calculation and see the impact of an after retirement job on your retirement finances.

Income Generation Rate Calculation:

Let's calculate the amount of investment that you need to generate a monthly income of $1,000 per month. To do this we need to make a few assumptions. Assume the income generation rate of your investments is five percent (5%). Let's assume that we are not going to take any principle from your investments to do this. However, a thousand dollars per month is not too large an amount to expect to make in a retirement job and just look at the impact that it has on preserving your retirement investment.

Retirement Planner:

A Retirement Planneris actually an economic planner whose primary role would be to assist clients craft their retirement plans and prepare adequately prior to that retirement ensues. Note, a planner will not prepare for your retirement, rather he or she helps you strategy that retirement. They enable you to establish an economic prepare in whom it is possible to allocate adequate savings and investments to facilitate your dream retirement existence.

Financial Planning Retirement Calculators:

Financial planning retirement calculators can take a big burden off your shoulders in planning for your retirement. Quite simply, these calculators can really help you keep track of the numbers you need in order to achieve your financial goals upon retiring. Financial Planning Calculatoris simply to help you figure out how much money an investment will provide you once you retire.

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