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Retirement Quotes – Inspirational and Funny Retirement Sayings

Author: Zeller Steven
by Zeller Steven
Posted: Mar 06, 2020

Nobody will assert that preparation for retirement is not significant business. Creating a will, making an estate plan, keeping up with Medicare deadlines, even determining whether to take Social Security, or even contemplating if or not a reverse mortgage can help you attain a greater retirement should give anyone over age 60 much to consider. It is time to put these pesky conclusions behind you and have a peek at these retirement quotations and expressions to add to a card, gift, or simply for your pleasure.

Retirement Quotes -- The 60 Greatest Speeches and Funny Retirement Sayings 1

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Funny Retirement Estimates
  1. Retirement is like arriving home 1 afternoon and telling your spouse, honey, I'm home... for good!

  2. Retirement is merely a never-ending holiday.

  3. Consider retirement as two six-month holidays each year.

  4. The very best thing about retirement is that you don't need to be worried about getting caught for doing nothing.

  5. Now Fridays are not the best day of the week... they are!

  6. Approximately 30 minutes when they fall asleep on the sofa.

  7. I don't reveal my age, but I do let folks know I am retired. They can simply imagine my age with that statement.

  8. I really like becoming a grandparent in retirement. I provide my grandkids a great deal of sugar and leave them along with their parents to manage them.

  9. Why don't retirees mind being known as seniors? Since the expression includes a 10% reduction.

  10. Why is it that couples grin all of the time? Since they can not hear a word you're saying!

  11. I wish I could show my age, however I simply can't. It keeps changing all of the time.

  12. Only as soon as the wife believes they got rid of the children for residing in the home, the husband decides to retire.

  13. Throughout your job life you get a great deal of bad habits... enjoy working.

  14. The world's greatest coffee break is frequently known as retirement.

Inspirational Retirement Estimates
  1. The very best thing about retirement is spending some time with the grandkids.

  2. Retirement is the only time in your life whenever no more equals cash.

  3. Retire from your work, but not predominate your mind.

  4. My greatest times in retirement are if I return to the neighborhood.

  5. You do not stop laughing once you age, you era when you stop laughing.

  6. Age is only a number, but retirement is among the best gifts to humankind.

  7. Retirement is not the end of the street, but only a twist in the street.

  8. Retirement is a time to enjoy what you never could before.

  9. There actually are two lifestyles we live. The very first life and the next life once we realize we have just one life.

  10. You need to put off being young until you are able to retire.

Retirement Wishes for Card

  1. The very best thing about being retired is not needing to request time off. Congratulations!

  2. Wishing you the ideal retirement! Take pleasure in the brand new chapter of your life and enjoy being your own boss.

  3. Congrats on being so exhausted that you needed to retire.

  4. Enjoy your fresh weekends that can last seven days!

  5. Love being the master of nothing.

  6. Bid farewell to hello and strain to your retirement.

  7. Appreciate working at alive, instead of residing at the office.

  8. Enjoy your new holiday that never ends!

  9. Go Get the Most out of your times and Revel in your retirement

  10. I am pretty jealous of you, but naturally, I am happy to your retirement

Happy Retirement yells from Business

  1. It has been fantastic working with you. Here is to some pleasant and retirement.

  2. All the very best wishes in your retirement!

  3. Just think, you are never going to need to sit on a different conference call. Enjoy your retirement!

  4. It is sad to say goodbye, however, good to see you're in your way to greener pastures.

  5. You're a true friend and a very hard worker. Thank you for the years in this corporation.

  6. You'll be profoundly missed. Thanks for what you did.

  7. Welcome to a new found independence in retirement!

  8. Love being the boss of your retirement!

  9. We expect that your retirement is full of love, pleasure, and joy.

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