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Argumentative Essay Dealing with a Two-sided Issue

Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Nov 14, 2018
medical research


Nature depends heavily on existing environmental conditions to facilitate interdependence and survival. Environmental conditions ensure the mutual existence of different living things. Health and medical research field rely heavily on animals as the main source of cure for human survival. However, due to environmental effects diversity exist among individuals on utilizing animals to act as a specimen to the proof effectiveness of a given of medical components. Solutions to utilizing best specimens in the field of research are a dilemma which requires a solution to have a common standing-ground effectively. Animal experiment forms diversified decision among practitioners with different views based o n scientific, cultural and traditional beliefs.

Benefits of Animal Experiments in Medicine

The existence of animals has promoted growth and development in the field of medicine by facilitating easier management of deadly diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart attacks, and diabetes. Animal research has promoted successful control, management, and prevention of various diseases. As a result of animal experiments curing drugs, preventive drugs as well as immune inducing medicines have been discovered (Lynette, Mary, and Benjamin, 2008). Death rates as a result of diseases have reduced leading to reduced mortality rates among human beings. High-quality living standards have been realized due to improved health among human beings.

Cancer is one of the most feared killer diseases in the world whose research is in progress with the help of mouse and rats. However, the rise of rodents in particular mouse and rat family are regarded for facilitating medical experiments involving treatment and control of cancer disease. The existence of different types of mice is one of important significance for their effective role in cancer research (Lynette, Mary, and Benjamin, 2008). Rats and mice mouse are small thus making them economical to maintain for research purposes.

Existing authorities, responsible for providing care and protecting the animal from manipulation by a human being has flexible rule upon using animals to improve human ways of life. Animal Welfare Act (AWA) restricts any abuse of animals irrespective of the reason. However through interventions and influence from Agricultural sectors institutions of research have freedom to use animals to conduct experiments (Erin and Margo, 2007). Authority strongly supports the use of animals as a specimen to improve the way of life among human beings. However, to avoid continued overuse of animal’s law exists to control other animals from manipulation.

Animals should not be used as Specimen in Medical Research

Animals should not be used as specimens in scientific research since it is subjecting a living organism to pain and suffering. There are no close relations between the anatomy of human body and animal body hence the results obtained during the experiment is based on several assumptions as well as generalization principles (Lynette, Mary, and Benjamin, 2008). Medical and research work should invent other better methods of conducting research other than implementing it using animals. Scientists should research more on better technological to replace animal specimen in research regarding medicines. Biological systems should be modified to support automated systems in research.

Animal welfare (AWA) defines restriction for using the animal for abusive purposes. AWA holds strong principles that an animal has equal opportunities like human band therefore if any assistant is required an animal should be treated as a human being (Michael and James, 2008). AWA provides that any animal used for research purposes should undergo treatment to subject it in environments that do not make an animal suffer from any torture. Animal protection policy provides that animals should be operated under a professional expert like a veterinarian to ensure all conditions required by AWA policy are met. All procedures involved in using an animal as a specimen for research must be proved, verified, and have individual professionals responsible and accountable for the actions.

Animals like chimpanzee have been scientifically proved that they have no medical value and advantage in biomedical research. Such animals should never be applied implementing any medical research since they don’t play any role in improving the medical field. Globally, developed countries have realized that Chimpanzee has no contributions in the field o f medical assistant and development (Linda and Amy, 2007). Advanced countries have banned the use of Chimpanzee as a specimen as an example to other countries to prefer other specimens for experiment purposes.


The process of identifying specific management, control and prevention lie in the hands of researchers. Both extremes vary in agreeing on which strategy should be applied in ensuring a particular solution has been identified. However, based on the rule of nature the priority measures should be considered whenever a decision requires being established on whether to use animal specimen or not. Human life cannot be sacrificed in honor of other creatures. However, when a particular animal is to be used as a specimen stated rules and regulations should be applied. The animal has to be treated as a human being under the supervision of an expert.


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