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Author: Venotr Venotr
by Venotr Venotr
Posted: Nov 25, 2018
soft roll

This year's trend of perm is naturally soft and micro-volume, only the type of hot does not care about the size of the roll, also known as styling perm. Micro-volume is a very natural curvature, not much curl, you can only perm the tail, you can also burn the whole head, it depends on your face and temperament, find a suitable hot is.

The micro-volume seems to be simple. In fact, the technical content is higher than that of the hot roll. Because this degree is not easy to master, the whole customer will feel that there is no hot roll. If it is hot, it feels too old-fashioned, so this degree is difficult to control. of. There is a difference between perm and styling. The perm curl is softer and the pattern is more, but it lacks durability.

The large wave texture of the soft roll is hot, and the natural wave style can be perfectly burned by the blanching technique. This hairstyle is also called the red head of the net, and is very popular with young girls.

Soft wave roll, this effect is very hard to burn out, most of them are stepped on the method of Cyst hot, which is an improved perm method, which can be burned to the roots, and can also produce a coarse texture. It is soft and natural and more fashionable.

The ethereal and dynamic lines have long hair texture perm, blending with the Japanese thinning technique, making the hairstyle more breathable, natural texture, strip-shaped hair, and a very popular hairstyle.

The middle hair is still based on the clavicle and the inner buckle. The hair style is mainly based on natural soft texture curls, but the secondary curls are not curly, and a lot of fashion elements are incorporated, and the hairstyle is more perfect. The hairy effect of the hairtail is full of feminine and charming feelings, and the slightly fluffy effect makes the hairstyle more fashionable.

S-shaped wavy soft roll is also a common hair extensions

for mid-length hair. It has a very feminine hair style, super temperament and a popular hair style. The beautiful clavicle is hot, and the natural soft roll that is hot after being thinned is very popular. Air bangs are still popular, and it can add fashion to the hairstyle.

The hair is slightly curled, accelerating the surface of the hair bundle, the large bangs, the hair style is completely different, and the fashion is on the air. The messy soft roll that can't be awake is still an indispensable fashion element in the hair, very good perm.

The focus of short hair perm is the fluffy and hair extensions clip in hairy texture of the hair roots flowing to the natural buckle + fluffy ion hot, cute and feminine, still ranked first in short hair perm.

Air bangs + egg roll head, for the little face or small round face of the sister, is the best choice. Super cute effect, sultry and stylish. There is a buckle inside, there must be a tilt, the tilting in the short hair perm in the second place, very good perm effect, very natural first temperament.

Soft roll texture perm, ranked third in short hair perm, very natural hair style, full of natural volume and fashionable atmosphere, full of tenderness. Short hair texture is also one of the longest cut short hair perm, the best choice for most short hair.

Suitable for short hair texture perm with low hair volume. Root positioning + hairline texture perm, very suitable for short hair perm hairstyle.

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Hair made by artificial techniques, used for decorative jewelry. It can be used as a headgear for those with bald or thin hair, or as part of costumes, officials or professional costumes or fashionable decorations.

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