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Venotr Venotr

United States

Member since: Aug 31, 2018
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Appreciate Several Bobo Hair Styles and Face Matching Effects

A girl with a long face is blessed, because at least it is not a misunderstanding that you are a fat man. The person with a long face is generally tall, thin and good, so people are very confident...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 19, 2018
Short Perm Half-Ball Head

Nowadays, many girls like to have half-baked meatballs. The hair style is full of youthful and lovely. It looks very cute and very cute. The short perm half-ball head is tied, and the front is trimmed...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 06, 2018
Super Amazing Hairstyle

The short-haired girls also have a day of enough hair style. After all, they need to take care of them every day. In the summer, they sometimes have to tie up and teach you how to transform your short...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 17, 2018
The Most Fashionable Hair Dye in Summer Comes in Different Colors

In this hot and monotonous summer, are you sure you don't want a hair dye to make your hair style more fashionable? The most fashionable hair dye in summer, let you give you the most fashionable trend...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 07, 2018
This Year's Fashion Girls Love Wigs

This year's most popular wig list for fashion girls has been released. MMs are coming to choose a good-looking wig for yourself, so you can change your hair style anytime and anywhere without...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 18, 2018
Fresh and Refined Girl with Long Black Hair

Black long hair has always retained the most original sense of purity, feel the most fresh and refined temperament, just need a fresh and elegant black long hair to kill a lot of hair color.When the...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 14, 2018
What Kind of Hairstyle is Round Face

It is recognized in today's society that the face of melon seeds is the most beautiful face. With the face of melon seeds, how to make it look good. But not all girls have a melon face. In fact, there...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 11, 2018
Fresh and Capable Fashion Hair

The girls in the workplace are of course not afraid of their own eyebrows. They have their own business. At this time, they can’t ignore their own image problems. Recommend a fashion hair style for...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Nov 08, 2018
Share a Few Style Perm

This year's trend of perm is naturally soft and micro-volume, only the type of hot does not care about the size of the roll, also known as styling perm. Micro-volume is a very natural curvature, not...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Nov 25, 2018
Simple and Sweet Hair Style

The most important thing for girls to choose their hair style is to be able to modify their face shape. It is absolutely very important for round-faced girls. The following are suitable for...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Nov 12, 2018

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Hair made by artificial techniques, used for decorative jewelry. It can be used as a headgear for those with bald or thin hair, or as part of costumes, officials or professional costumes or fashionable decorations.