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Appreciate several Bobo hair styles and face matching effects

Author: Venotr Venotr
by Venotr Venotr
Posted: Sep 19, 2018
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A girl with a long face is blessed, because at least it is not a misunderstanding that you are a fat man. The person with a long face is generally tall, thin and good, so people are very confident, when choosing a hairstyle. Some short-haired wave hair types will also be chosen.

The effect of this long-faced wave-hair type is very good, because the girl with a long face looks good and the proportion of the face is also very good, so it is also very suitable for the wave hair type.

The weather is so hot that a lot of girls have cut off their long hair. After cutting their hair, they have formed a short-haired Japanese wave hair style. This kind of short hair style is very nice and comfortable. It is also special. Trend, what kind of wave hair type is popular now?

This is a long-faced girl, Bobo head is suitable for her, because she is really very good looking, so I chose this kind of Qi Liu's straight hair extensions ukwave hair type, plus beautiful little flowers, so watching Not more feminine?

Long face wave hair type, the choice is this kind of very natural short hair, the front is the good looking Qi Liuhai, this girl is very suitable for Bobo hair type, you look at the forehead of Qi Liu Hai to modify the face, it looks a little Skinny.

Bobo head is suitable for long-faced girls. This is a long-faced wave head that looks relatively neutral. It is suitable for girls with different styles. It is dyed with a personality, and the hair style is still very neutral. It seems to be more atmospheric.

The face-shaped long-faced girl is very suitable for Bobo hair type. The short-haired wave head is suitable for this girl. The yellow hair is dyed and straight hair. The first feeling is that this long-faced wave hair type is a bit neutral. It's a bit cool.

Compared with the above neutral wave hair type, this is a relatively quiet girl Bobo hair type, which is very suitable for the wave head hair, black hair, straight wave head suitable for this quiet girl, showing a natural beauty.

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Hair made by artificial techniques, used for decorative jewelry. It can be used as a headgear for those with bald or thin hair, or as part of costumes, officials or professional costumes or fashionable decorations.

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