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Short perm half-ball head

Author: Venotr Venotr
by Venotr Venotr
Posted: Oct 06, 2018
ball head

Nowadays, many girls like to have half-baked meatballs. The hair style is full of youthful and lovely. It looks very cute and very cute. The short perm half-ball head is tied, and the front is trimmed with a broken Liu Hai. There is a very smart beauty. The shorter hair is hot through the roll, and the inner buckle is designed at the end of the hair. It is very well-modified with a face color and a golden color. It instantly becomes full of fashion and has a very complex skin tone.

There is no bangs half-balls, it is more refreshing, especially suitable for summer, a long hair, half tied up at the top of the ball head, no doubt adds beauty and fashion, plus light brown hair color, fashion trend, no matter From what angle, it is very eye-catching.

This half-ball of the bangs is suitable for both the goose face, the round face and the square face. It has a curved mid-point bangs. It is very nice to modify the face. The small half-baked head is delicate and yet beautiful. Aesthetics, the overall look is temperament and elegant.

This short and medium-sized hair style is especially popular this summer, especially the half-tied ball head, which instantly enhances the temperament and fashion. No bangs seems to be very spiritual. The more natural black tea color hair dye, whitening skin is easy.

Full of long-term perm in the European and American human hair wigs uk style, the half-tied ball head instantly looks youthful and invincible. Every angle is filled with the youthful atmosphere. The front bangs are all combed back and look very spirited. Lily suggests that in addition to the melon face and the goose egg face, The square face and the big round face of the sister paper should not be easily tried.

Such a half-ball is tied, sweet and yet cute, short-hot hair, the front of the bangs are basically combed back, simply smashed the small ball head, instantly let the original monotonous hairstyle more tidal, with Large earrings and sunglasses, minutely incarnation street shooters.

If the big round face and the square face and other face-type sister paper, really like to tie a half-ball head, then you must choose to leave some bangs, which can play the role of modifying the face.

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Hair made by artificial techniques, used for decorative jewelry. It can be used as a headgear for those with bald or thin hair, or as part of costumes, officials or professional costumes or fashionable decorations.

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