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I Hate Big Fat Wallets – Wallets Are Part Of Every Man’s Life

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: May 11, 2014
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Every man in the world has to keep his money, credit cards, and identification somewhere, and that somewhere is typically found in either his back pocket of his pants, his front pocket of his jeans, or the inner pocket of a jacket if he just happens to be wearing one. Wallets are a part of every man’s life, but the problem is that like a woman’s purse, that wallet can get pretty chunky, which will make every man stop at one point and say, I hate big fat wallets! However, there are ways that a man can stop having to deal with that giant stone-like wallet that is tucked into his back pocket and carrying around a lot more extra weight then he should have to.

Ways That A Chunky Wallet Can Be Thinned Out

A heavy, overstuffed wallet can result in pants that are messed up, especially if the thickness of the wallet actually causes the pocket in the back of the pants to become overstretched or even ripped along the seams on the sides. Also, sitting down with a really thick wallet can be painful, and some men will take it out automatically and put it on things like a counter, table, or dashboard of their car, which could result in a misplaced wallet. However, to avoid losing that very important wallet, here are some ways that men can avoid ripped clothes and lost identification or credit cards, if they do the following:

  • Understand the issue: The first step for men who say, I hate big fat wallets, and want to do something about it, have to understand that they have a problem. Some men are very meticulous, and insist that they save everything in their wallets. Typically, the biggest things that are saved can be receipts, change, and business cards, but after time, those things can really add up. By understanding that there are other places things can be saved a man with an overly thick wallet can be on the path to a thinner wallet in no time.
  • Decide on the most important things in the wallet: Men with way too many things in their wallets, and who get so frustrated about it that they say all the time, I hate big fat wallets, then they need to start reducing exactly what they do carry. There are around half a dozen cards or less that men should have on them at all times, and those are things like their driver’s license, their social security cards, their health insurance cards, and most used credit cards.
  • Take out all paper receipts and change: A wallet is no place for things like paper receipts and change, and with those items taken out, will significantly reduce the thickness of the wallet. The newly emptied wallet will become thin, which is going to make it so much easier to carry and not nearly as hard on clothing.

Men who are frequently heard saying, I hate big fat wallets, can solve their situation quickly and easily by simply categorizing which is the most important things, and removing the unimportant things such as change and receipts. While men can still keep things that they feel are important, the fact is that they need to narrow down what they carry, and that will save their clothing and their backs because they will not be carrying around an overly thick 10 pound wallet.

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Author: Robert Smith
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