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Top Barcode inventory management software: Free & Paid

Author: Pankaj Chouhan
by Pankaj Chouhan
Posted: Dec 07, 2018
inventory management

Barcode inventory management solution can give a boost to your inventory management efficiency. A barcode inventory system generally encompasses necessary hardware (barcode printers and scanners) and software running on computers and mobile devices for barcode scanning purpose and other operations.

Small business owners use barcode software that only helps them to create and print barcode labels. It, however, does not have modern and advanced inventory management capabilities on its offer list. The price factor discourages them from opting for a more robust barcode inventory management software for their small business.

Barcode system for small business price need not be extremely costly always. The free version of several reputed barcoding software with inventory management capabilities are easily available. Additional order management capabilities and as such can also be accessed. Barcode inventory management tool allows automatic product identification and extremely fast implementation of data.

Why should you opt for barcode inventory management system?

You might wonder why to implement inventory management with barcode when pools of options are available on inventory management software in the market. You yourself can satisfy your queries and clear your doubts right here.

Browse through the points in favor of inventory management system with barcode scanner mentioned hereunder-

  1. You can easily add information to every inventory item bearing a unique barcode label and can access that data with one quick and simple scan only.
  2. You can view your stock and check inventory in real-time as and when you wish.
  3. It is a cost-effective solution as you always know your exact stock status in terms of quantity so you can accurately make necessary ductions.
  4. It is a modern and advanced technology so can help you reap the maximum benefits of best stock management practices.
  5. Barcode inventory system excel practice is not easy and a practical choice when you need to input each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number of a huge number of items.

Free options

Label Flow

The free version of this window-installed barcode inventory management software is available. Users can generate barcode in a timely manner. A wide range of standard labels format is available to print 1D and 2D barcode labels. It is possible to link barcode print number to stock count in the database that eventually ensures fast printing. Label Flow supports encoding RFID tags with EPC Gen 2 UHF chips.

This barcode inventory management software free comes packed with several useful features that include serial number tracking, barcode scanning, inventory management etc. It helps in minimizing stock wastage and losses by systematically handling everything in an automated fashion.

Though it is available in a free version you can avail the paid version by making a starting payment of around $275.00/one-time. Free trial option is present.

A2B Tracking

The free version of this web-based SaaS barcode inventory management software offers a military-grade solution to track and monitor inventory. This asset management tool finds extensive application as a barcoding software as well as an asset tracking software. You can do barcode scanning and find help in barcode generation as well. The users of this software will benefit from a commercial-level RFID solution to track assets and inventory. Its target customer size counts 1000+.

An array of significant barcoding and asset tracking features are available that enlist label templates, inventory management, custom labels, shipping labels, receiving labels, audit trails, location tracking, RFID and disposal tracking.

The paid version comes with a starting price tag of around $2,500.00 per user on a yearly basis. There is no scope for a free trial.

Paid options

Finale Inventory

This is a quality choice if you are looking for a comprehensive barcode inventory management solution. The software employs barcode scanners along with location and product barcode labels to monitor the inventory. The tool is equally capable to print barcode labels and offer multiple choices in this regard. Finale Inventory is designed optimally enough to work with any Windows-based mobile scanner. You will now be able to process your inventory better with Finale Inventory.

The software also helps in other related fields like inventory stock auditing, eCommerce stock monitoring, lot ID tracking, order management, warehouse management, serial number tracking etc.


This cloud-based SaaS barcode inventory management software is a professional-grade labeling tool. The tool offers RFID label design and printing software solution to users. Complete barcode solution is offered and this software can be considered as a reliable barcode inventory system for small business as well.

NiceLabel barcoding software comes designed with a wider spectrum of features such as serial number tracking, receiving labels, shipping labels, custom labels, barcode scanning, barcode generation, and inventory monitoring.

Labels templates available helps in creating labels within the shortest possible period of time. The software is flexible and is easy to use. Users can expect good customer support and service.

Barcoding is a breeze and manually keying numbers is a pain. Now, have a better handle of the tasks in hand with the given choices.

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