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5 Lesser-Known Tricks to Reduce Essay Writing Stress

Author: Elena Smith
by Elena Smith
Posted: Dec 06, 2018
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It is a very usual thing that whenever a student faces the task of essay writing, he/she faces anxiety and a great deal of pressure. Students have to struggle a lot. The reason behind this is that students are not familiar with the steps to follow for an easy flow of writing and to ease their minds about their writings tasks. There is a need to give out some tips for the students to release anxiety and help them to improve their writings. Experts at Academic Writing Pro share some useful and surefire ways to handle anxiety while writing and create a masterpiece for acquiring good grades.

At the outset, students are required to learn that what actually Anxiety and Writing Block actually means. This is because a little pressure should not be considered an over exaggerated towards anxiety. The people, who are not born with artistic skills of writing, often face difficulties to lever pressure when the deadline is near and the task is not simplified. They are stuck in time and pressure. Students cannot think of the best possible ways. They cannot even give a start to their piece of writing. They have this psychosomatic mindset that they cannot write and that writing is not their work and they will entirely fall short in this picky task.

Essay writing services suggest these ways and tips for the students to reduce anxiety as well as strengthen their writings.

1. Split the topic in order to understand it:

First of all, the writer needs to understand and comprehend the title or the topic given to him/her. For this, the student can divide his topic into three or four parts.

  • What is the main topic? Look out for the major and most focused part of the title. It is about finding the most important thing to be discussed.
  • Approach: It is about finding certain words which will tell you that how and which approach should you follow with the topic.
  • Aspects: It gives you an indication that what should you cover about the topic.
  • Restrictions: This part indicates the limitations of the topic for essay writing.

2. Brainstorming and Mind mapping:

This is the most remarkable thing while doing any type of writing especially in essay writing. Making a spider map or mind map helps students to draw a sketch to follow later. It helps to elucidate the different ideas gathered with a passage of time. It helps us in remembering the aspects and the points need to be wrapped up in the writing. It engages the writer to collect diverse ideas and thoughts. After mind map, create a rough outline that what will be included in the introduction. What will be there in the body of the essay and how the ending will form? By including the images and illustrations about a topic, you can give a very sturdy impact to your writing as it exemplifies your thoughts and makes it problematical for the reader to visualize the situation.

3. Include images and use the helpful tools from the internet:

Students can get help from many credible sources about your topic. Try to investigate for some credible data and include it in your writing to make it worth reading and well-accepted. Comprise the references as well as share the source of your information. It will give trustworthiness to your written material. Also, use internet tools to enhance your essay quality. Google has introduced some tools like Talk to Books, Google Scholar and etc. Taking data from the credible sources always facilitate the students for creating a strong opinion and assembling different school of thoughts. Do not overburden yourself to study much. Read according to your strengths as well as needs of the topic. Skim and Scan a few articles, two to three news reports, look out for some tables and graphs.

4. Think out of the box

Students are advised not to be typical and authoritarian on the old rules of essay writing for getting good grades. Try something dissimilar in your essay. Do not engage yourself with language restrictions but play with the ways to generate a strong impact. If you get stuck at a particular point, brainstorm again and consider some new points to be added.

5. Take breaks and celebrate your writing:

Inhale and exhale deep breaths and keep your mind free of unnecessary tensions. Once you have done the essay writing, do not over think about it. Feel free and bright. Do smile and relax your mind. Celebrate the fact that you have completed the task. Keep yourself motivated!


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