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Secure Your Online Privacy With Email Encryption Software

Author: Zeena McWarden
by Zeena McWarden
Posted: May 17, 2014

Online privacy has always been a thing of debate as well as of concern since the very early days of the internet. But perhaps now we have reached a time when it is more important than ever before and even keeping your emails safe and secured has turned out to be a nagging demand. Users who are concerned about the privacy and security of their emails can now encrypt their emails using email encryption software for an added layer of protection but it should also be kept in mind that encryption software is hardly user friendly and using it properly might not be the job for non-expert users.

As a matter of fact, the internet mailing system was never designed as a private and secured system as everything is left in the open without any requirement of security or authentication and servers communicating with insecure link addresses accepting messages from anybody. Even users who don’t communicate sensitive information over emails should now consider encrypted email because apart from getting hold of the data and attachments there is also a high chance of an entire account being hijacked regardless of the email service they use and that really makes email encryption a necessity that cannot be ignored.

If you are looking to encrypt email – you should actually be focusing on encrypting three things – your email service provider connection, current messages and also your archived and stored messages. An unencrypted email service provider connection may allow hackers capture in log in details and thus they can access all messages that you have received or send. Users who frequently use Wi-Fi hotspots or public networks are more vulnerable to this and any good email encryption software should actually well solve their problem.

In order to secure their email service provider connections users are required to set up SSL or Secure Socket Layer and TLS or Transport Layer Security encryption. Whenever you are checking your mails always make sure that the SSL/TLS encryption has been activated. Users now should prefer to send encrypted email only and for this purpose users can use the built-in encryption feature offered by the email service provider, use a web based email encryption or can also download email encryption software and browser add-ons. Most of message encryption forms presently in practice including OpenPGP and Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions require the users to install a security certificate on their PC or any other device on which they access their email accounts and give their contacts their public key before they start sending encrypted email.

For desktop PC holders encrypting just the email data files should be sufficient – but it is always better to fully encrypt laptops or other mobile devices for they stand a higher risk of getting stolen or lost. A number of high end mobile devices offer built in data and email encryption features but others can also encrypt email on their Android devices by downloading email encryption applications. Considering the growing number of cyber crimes and hacking efforts, using email encryption software for email and data security is now a necessity better not ignored.

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About The Author

Zeena McWarden is a cyber-security expert who writes many interesting articles to help bring email encryption and its advantages into the domain of common people. You can trust her advice for all your data security and integrity preservation requirements.

About the Author

Zeena McWarden is a cyber security expert who writes many interesting articles to help bring email encryption and its advantages into the domain of common people. You can trust her advice for all your data security and integrity preservation requirem

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Author: Zeena McWarden

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