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Zeena McWarden

Member since: Mar 04, 2014
Published articles: 23

A Few Basic Things You Need to Know About Email Encryption

Since early days in the history – protecting valuable information during transit, validation of senders and message authentication has troubled human intelligence. But perhaps it is never as important...

Articles > Internet > Email Jun 12, 2014
A Few Things You Need to Know About Sending Encrypted Email

We are now living at a time when millions of people are using emails as their medium of everyday communication. It has become an indispensible part of modern day personal and business relationships...

Articles > Internet > Email May 17, 2014
Do Not Compromise the Security of Your E-Mails- Embrace Encryption

The most common method of communicating with one another on the Internet is of course the e-mail. Businesses use it, individuals use it, and institutions use it for interaction over the web. Problems...

Articles > Internet > Email Apr 15, 2015
E-Mail Encryption - Finding the Ideal Software Solution

So, you finally realized the need for encrypted email for the safety and security of your business data! Now it is time to find encryption software that falls ideal for your requirements. With so many...

Articles > Internet > Email Feb 25, 2015
Email Encryption Service Provider – How to Pick the Right Company to Work with?

One of the biggest challenges that our generation faces today is online information security. With the rates of cyber crime on a rise, there is an imminent need for better and more effective measures...

Articles > Internet > Email Sep 21, 2015
Email Encryption- All You Wanted to Know!

To put it simple, email encryption is the process of authenticating and encrypting email messages to protect from unscrupulous hacking, cyber crime and inadvertent recipients. Highly secure...

Articles > Computers > Software Nov 19, 2014
Encryption of Email for Businesses

In the modern business world, you need to stress on the security of your mail communications. For this, you require a secure email service that offers adequate protection. Both sent and received...

Articles > Internet > Email May 22, 2015
How Important is Encryption!

You need to secure email, whether it remains stored inside your device or in transit. This way you can maintain the integrity and the confidentiality of your messages successfully. The technology for...

Articles > Internet > Email May 22, 2015
Importance of Email Encryption in Organizations

Email encryption might sound over-hyped; however, it is an important consideration for every organization that uses emails as a form of communication. Government directives, information-security...

Articles > Internet > Email Nov 18, 2014
Knowing the Secure Email Services Better

There are secure email services those will keep your e-mails secure by ensuring that the data you send stays encrypted from the moment they leave your system till they are retrieved by the original...

Articles > Internet > Email Jan 18, 2015
Secure Your Online Privacy with Email Encryption Software

Online privacy has always been a thing of debate as well as of concern since the very early days of the internet. But perhaps now we have reached a time when it is more important than ever before and...

Articles > Internet > Email May 17, 2014
Technologies Used for Sending Encrypted Emails

Most secure email service providers now use public key encryption technology. In this type of e-mail encryption the key is posted by the receiver somewhere public where potential senders can locate it...

Articles > Internet > Email Aug 21, 2015
The Best Secure Email Service for Individual or Organizational Requirements

If you are looking for a secure email service that will be providing you with desktop e-mail encryption solutions with high level of security – ZixMail is the name that you can put your trust upon...

Articles > Internet > Email Jan 18, 2015
The Importance of Email Encryption

What is the most crucial and sensitive aspect of your business? Vital data or information…isn't it! From time to time in various correspondences, you will need to send this all-important data to other...

Articles > Internet > Email Jun 16, 2015
Email Encryption – What It is and How It Works

Technology has changed our lives many folds in the past few decades. One of the best inventions of all time, one that encompasses all and affects every facet of every person’s life on this planet, is...

Articles > Internet > Email Mar 16, 2014
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