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Who is an SEO expert what services he provide?

Author: Deepak Bhardwaj
by Deepak Bhardwaj
Posted: Dec 28, 2018

Well, every business either small or large wants first-page ranking on Google from all the thousands of websites. But what is the secret to getting the first-page ranking?

Here comes the important term "SEO" or "search engine optimisation". SEO means using techniques to get more organic or simply free traffic to get higher ranking on search engine.

What is an SEO Expert?

A consultant who is an expert who analyses and reviews website to help the online business owner to provide more traffic through organic searches and attain higher rank o search engine. An expert knows all the tips and tricks to get a website more traffic and an online presence.

Now here comes the question of why you need to hire an expert in SEO. If you want your site to be discovered by people then you will definitely need one.

Here are services provided by a SEO Expert India-

  1. Local search– It is a very powerful and important tool for small businesses and start-ups. With local SEO you can promote your business's products and services to local consumers. A search engine uses local content; social media profile pages, links, locations, etc to gather information and results for local search. One such tool is Google My Business page.
  2. On-page– To optimise on-page SEO, individual web page content and HTML source code together add up to improve your rankings in the search results.
  3. Analytics– An SEO experts will analyse the traffic and conversion with the use of data, user population demographics and consumer behaviour on a site to improve the rankings.
  4. Keyword research and development– Most important part of any SEO expert is to identify the relevent and long-tailed keywords and phrases for the website to get more traffic.
  5. Link building– More links are an indication for Google that your site have quality content that is worthy of citation. SEO expert takes care of the process of getting maximum links from external websites, as sites with more backlinks earn the higher rank on Google.
  6. Reputation management– Here SEO expert maintains the overall reputation for an online business through effective internet marketing and branding.
  7. Content writing and development– Content writing and marketing through the Internet marketing channels is important for brand building for any website. If your website do not have a well written and relevant content then your website won’t be ranked high on search engine.
  8. Marketing through Social Media – Here creating engaging content and followers via many social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more.
  9. Ensure SEO friendly website – A website should be SEO friendly i.e. responsive or mobile-friendly and make sure that the web content is searchable by users.
  10. Off page SEO- It simply means optimizing your company, outside of your own website that helps in the improvement of the ranking on search engines.
About the Author

Deepak Bhardwaj is leading SEO expert in India.Visit our website to know more about our SEO services in Delhi.

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