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7 feature of best Auto Dialer Software

Author: Deepak Mishra
by Deepak Mishra
Posted: Dec 29, 2018

In the era of the telephone communication manual dialing is a very hectic task. All of the call centers earlier were calling the customer manual, but with the entry of web-based call center software the organization came with the auto dialer software’s which were easy to use and was not tedious like the manual dialing. The best auto dialer software has significant features which make them significant when compared to the dialer software.

Predictive Dialer: Best auto dialer software

A predictive dialer is one where there is no wait time between calls which led to increasing in agent productivity. With unlimited features to go for, there are some of them which make it the top-notch in all of the best Auto Dialer Software. Some of them which make it suitable for the call centers are:

1. Predictive Dialing

With the help of the intelligent algorithms, predictive dialing does the outbound calling process. Dialers call the numbers in the sequence and transfer only those calls to agents which are answered. To be mentioned, in this process the numbers are screened and numbers which are incorrect, have a busy tone, no responses or the calls which are ended in the answering machine have done the necessary step.

Predictive dialing calls the numbers based on the pre-set dialing ratio which is set according to the agents and multiple numbers are then dialed. Web-based Call center software prefers this dialer it increases the answered calls and reduces the idle time between the calls.

2. Campaign Management

With the same log in the dialers enable the call center manager to create and run the different campaigns. Also customize the campaigns by altering essential and required field like the time zone, dialing list, dialing mode, DNC list and disposition to achieve the marketing goals.

These campaigns have the function such as the edit, pause, rerun, and restart functions. Also, the campaigns can be customized and the access can be given to the multiple agents to drive the campaign simultaneously. Managers can also choose the caller ID, IVR, and broadcasting which can be specifically used for the campaign.

3. DNC Management

DNC management which stands for the Do Not Call is a list of numbers who don’t want to receive any sales and marketing calls or messages. So, the call centers cannot reach these listed numbers to sell products or services. In case the call center still sends the calls or messages then they can receive the hefty fines from the telecom authorities.

Whereas in predictive dialers there is also an option where DNC lists can be uploaded in the beginning. Once the dialing list has been uploaded then the numbers which are added in the DNC list will be then scratched off by the dialers.

4. Filter-Based Calling

The calls can be filtered on the basis of location, age, geography, age or any other demographic of the uploaded lead. Once the dialer starts its processing it filters out the number based on these filters. The dialer will dial only the numbers which will be left with the defined specifics.

With this fine-tuned calling list it will help the web-based call center software achieve the target goals and will be easy to help in creating the customized campaigns to derive the concentrated results.

5. Lead Management

Leads are the most important part of any CRM or sales management. The dialer will not be working without the help of the lead management feature. Lead management helps in automating lead capturing and tracks the sales base on the leads.

Lead quality is sorted according to the best leads first, assigning the reminders and the disposition. Email and SMS integration are added to increase the efficiency of leads.

About the Author

Deepak Mishra is a Digital Marketing Manager at Gventure Technology have 5-year experience in the same. Here he writes about the benefits of auto dialer software in call center software solutions.

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