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Kristallkrona lampor: A tour to a manufacturing unit

Author: Erika Johnson
by Erika Johnson
Posted: May 19, 2014

Shopping for a kristallkrona lampor could be exciting but lack of information and education on how lamps are designed could reduce the level of excitement as you won’t be able to understand the designs.

Ceiling lamps are the most beautiful lights available in market. They are designed with hands. Every piece of glass prism is handpicked and pinned carefully on a metal frame. And an experienced light designer can create exciting designs like Baroque, Empire and Rococo. Every piece of handmade light is a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Kristallkrona lampor you see in the market are designed by experienced artisans. A team of artisans work in close association to complete a design. The designing starts with conceiving an idea. And the idea is taken from history. Rococo is a furniture design developed in 17th century and the light made to match this design is called Rococo light. It is characterized by curved lines and asymmetric shape.

Like rococo, there are many retro designs that have been pursued and developed even in this modern time. A design is developed and not copied. It is necessary to clear that artisans developed retro design to suit modern needs. Designs are so developed that they look unique and still have their old world charm. Developing a design is a challenging task as artisans have to retain the basic features of the design.

Artisans also study modern architecture to develop new designs. Modern architecture is different from the edifices of yesteryears. Today’s homes are called bungalows, villas, condos, apartments and studios. Modern homes have high end amenities and facilities. And modern homeowners want everything perfect. Classic style lights don’t suit modern needs and for this reason artisans have to study modern needs to develop modern designs.

Kristallkrona lampor have three physical parts. A light contains a metal frame, glass prisms and electric fittings. Also some lights come with candle holders. Metals used in making lamps are wrought iron, nickel, chrome and brass. Wrought iron lamps are cheapest lamps, while brass lights are most expensive lights.

Prisms for kristallkrona lampor are made with hands. It is difficult, time taking and frustrating process as it involves working with glass furnace and polishing small prisms with hands. Artisans have to determine the quality of prisms by touching their edges as they can’t see prisms, when prisms are polished.

Kristallkrona lampor are priced according to their designs and material used. A wrought iron design could be affordable but the similar design in brass frame would cost more. Experienced artisans choose brass as it is more durable than wrought iron is. But artisans are also open to experiment with metal frames, if there is a need.

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Erika Johnson is a traditional chandeliers manufacturer.

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