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What is needed to build your brand in 2019?

Author: Blaze Gorgev
by Blaze Gorgev
Posted: Dec 29, 2018
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The old 2018 year is passing by, the new is coming with great hope that 2019 will be that year.

The year of great success of your Brand.

Your brand to get more exposure and with that final goals to be closed in your favor.

The goals can be varied, starting from sales, traffic, leads etc typical exit points of marketing.

Building a Brand is a "matter of perception" and is quite a long process which involves a lot of work and dedication.

I decided this article to dedicate to answer the main question

"What will be needed to build an established brand in 2019?"

Someone will say money, someone will say rock solid product or services, some will say time. Well maybe they are right about 50% of the answers but they are not entirely true.

They overlap as net of spider and make straight finishes and squares too.

How, will someone ask?Well, it is all about the money, maybe 98% of businesses would not be started and would not be today what is now.Money is not all about for building branding. Most experts bonds money as the need to start some project in process of developing.It is about product or service then look today there are brands who don't offer rock solid product or services but they are brands and everyday launch new products or services, and last time, this is maybe the biggest constant of all marketing models but to be successful online and people to say that you have established a recognized brand is about the matter of perception.Someone see some trademark as brand someone not.This is true.Its all depends on perspective how you see and perspective depends on your background, views of the society, how even you have been raised, knowledge for particular topics. From my stand of view, the most important is the idea which will guide through the whole process of branding, devoting your valuable time to the project of branding and most important your real expectation.

So I will repeat again, the most important constant to achieve top branding in 2019 years are:

  • Idea
  • Devotion of time
  • Real expectation
  • Using these constants in my work over 20 years proves me that to raise something to recognizable brand you just need 4-6 months.

    Not years, not so much money, not so much time.I prove this model with exai as the best website builder for html5 format websites.

    I mentioned time as constant but it's not about how much you spend per day or week but how much you put your self in work and devotion in the given time frame of work. Often the money does not issue because a lot of things you can use for free and this is quite a good thing to start from scratch.Hope that I give you directions to think about in what way you will establish and develop your brand or brand of clients in 2019. They are crucial from start to the end.

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    Author: Blaze Gorgev
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