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Why Performance Testing Is Important for Business?

Author: Anik Smith
by Anik Smith
Posted: Jan 04, 2019

Performance testing is anumbrella term used for various types of performance-based software testing processes in the IT world. In comparison to other software related tests, this proves to be more complex and sophisticated. It is one of the many reasons why the best software testing companiesmake sure that their performance testing department is foolproof!

Performance testing is crucial to determine the speed, stability and responsiveness of any given system. If one goes only by its name, then it won’t be enoughto understand it correctly. Performance testing not only checks the integrity of a system, but also findsif there are any possible gridlocks that are affecting the performance of the same.

Why people opt for performance testing?

If one is setting up a business that is dependent on software such as website, mobile application, etc., that will definitely want his users to have the best experience. Therefore, to get this job done, best businessesopt for performance testing from the top QA companies before making their products live. This test actually points out the bugs that can possibly make the whole system slow.

A performance testing serviceprovider testsa system under severe load conditions to get an idea about how the same will performin real world situations under extreme load.

Below are various types of performance testingprocesses and their long-term benefits:

Stress testing: This type of testing is done by the top QA Companyto check the stability of one’s system when hardware resources (such as CPU, disk space and memory) are limited.

Load testing: This step definitely falls under the "to-do" list of the best software testing companies. It is done to stay informed about the amount of load a system can sustain under certain conditions. Technically speaking, it specifically checks the time taken to complete an action by the software. It also checks the overall integrity of the program when a large load is put on it. The best software testing services note down the statistical data time to time and report their clients on a scheduled basis.

Endurance testing: The best software testing companies conduct this step of testing so they can be certain of the capability of the software. Performance testing is said to be done by the top QA company only when it passes the endurance test. This test points the limit of the system up to which it can hold it all together and work smoothly. It is also called soak testing, which includes random checks in the case of leakage of memory and sudden system failure.

Testing of database volume: The best software testing services generally perform this test that specifically checks the amount of data that a system can handle. The top QA Company will only give their word of assurance if they get to enhance the capacity of the system which will handle the enormous data in real-world conditions.


The best software testing companies always maintain the above steps sequentially, in their routine performance testing processes along with some more. It is one of the many ways a QA service provider can prove their merit hands-on. One should take advantage of the expertise of the top QA company if they want to stay at the peak of their game in the long run!

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