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Have a Spam Filtering Service for Safeguarding Your Organization

Author: Frank Bower
by Frank Bower
Posted: Jan 05, 2019

An estimate has been made that the cost of spam could rise to 250 billion dollars every year. Spam is a constant menace and takes many hours of yours by forcing to open unwanted mails and read about how to lose your weight, winning a lottery worth one million dollars and others. But some spam is malicious and contain viruses that are dangerous for your business that has the potential to destroy servers, workstations, and there are cases where spam can hold your CRM system, files and company’s confidential information to ransom. But the question is how you can secure your business? Spam filtering can be done by either using a cloud-based service or by installing software that has different techniques for preventing or redirecting mails from entering the user’s account. The filtering is based on various components like IP address, highlighted words in the message or email address. The best part of having a spam filter is the emails are filtered before they enter the inbox. Below we will be providing some descriptions of anti-spam techniques.

Blacklist Method – It is one of the most popular strategies for stopping undesirable mails by blocking the messages from a senders list made by you and the system administrator. This method looks for the records of IP addresses and the location of mails that have earlier used for sending spam. The point when the message arrives at the inbox, the spam channel starts verifying whether the email address or the IP enlisted in the blacklist and if it is there, the message can be considered as spam and is rejected.

Content-Based – Rather implementing different policies for all messages from a particular IP address or mail, the content-based spam filtering techniques assess the expressions or words found in each user’s message for deciding if the mail is spam or it is acceptable.

Bayesian Filtering – It scans the whole context of the mail looking for expressions or words that could display spam. They apply methods like mathematical formulae for dissecting the substance of the message and compare the substance with the records of the account holder’s spam and legitimate messages.

Header Filtering – This spam filtering technique is much more refined where the email headers are evaluated in addition to subject fields, sender and recipients displayed by mail browsers. The header channels check the data chain left by the mail servers that were used as a part to convey your mail which is commonly known as the relay chain. As spammers make sure they are not followed, they place false data in this relay chain so that the users can reply to the mail and their location can be traced. The headers also help in identifying the illegal headers, which are a sign that the mails are spam.

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