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6 Ideas To Build A Perfect Meeting Room!

Author: James Burton
by James Burton
Posted: Jan 12, 2019
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Today, meeting room plays an important role in the operational acquisition of new skills and knowledge in various fields of activity. And many companies conduct specialized training in order to increase the level of professionalism of their own employees. In addition, such events are very effective in introducing new ideas and innovations.


Meeting rooms are usually held in spacious rooms where you can place a large audience of people. Modern conference rooms are equipped with all the necessary technical means, as well as the corresponding furniture interior, it is primarily chairs, tables, and armchairs. There is both small meeting rooms ideal for small groups of people, as well as large rooms where a large audience is placed. The room is well-equipped with all necessary technical equipment, as well as appropriate furniture. However, here are the following ideas to build a perfect meeting room:


When choosing a meeting room for rent, you must first pay attention to its capacity. Knowing the estimated number, the organizers must select the appropriate conference room. If you are planning an audience of 10-30 people, then a small room will be suitable for comfortable accommodation. If it is calculated to invite over a hundred people, then accordingly a large room will already be needed here.


To make guests feel comfortable during the meeting, the hall should be equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, and a good heating system, depending on the season. Modern heating systems and climate control will not freeze in the winter. For a comfortable meeting, the hall should be equipped with everything necessary.

  • Good electric lighting, if there are no windows or the event, is held in the evening.

  • Air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature in the summer or winter.


Pay attention to the convenience of the furniture. Tables, chairs, and chairs should be comfortable enough. The number of invited guests should not exceed the number of chairs. Each participant must be given a place. If the hall has an attractive design, the appearance of the interior and all the necessary pieces of furniture that would conveniently arrange the guests, this will only emphasize your personal status.


A prerequisite for a successful meeting is the availability of technology and wireless Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. Also, any speech must be given at the meeting, so there should be good acoustics and necessary equipment in the hall, such as a microphone, speakers and amplifiers. It would not be superfluous to have a video projector and a large screen so that the speaker could accompany the lecture with a training video or presentation.

  • An LCD panel, audio, and video equipment for the demonstration of photo and video materials, amplifiers, all this will make the report effective and interesting;

  • A mini-podium and a portable microphone that allows you to move freely around the hall;


It would be best to rent a room, which will be easily accessible to all those invited. To make it convenient for guests to get to the place of the event, it is best to choose a location close to metro stations and bus stops. In this case, you can safely count on the visit of a sufficient number of the declared participants and guests. In order for everyone to be comfortable, the location should be spacious.

If non-resident guests are present at the meeting, it is desirable that there be a hotel nearby and location would be in the city of center. If the organizers are waiting for participants from their city, then it is advisable to choose a hall located in places not far from public transport stops. It is also important to have parking for guests with private transport.


If the conference does not take a lot of time or a full-fledged lunch, if the meeting should last throughout the day, this should be thought out in advance. It is much more convenient if in the rented room you are immediately offered a menu and will take care of catering on your shoulders. This means, if the meeting promises to be long, then it is desirable to have a cooler with drinking water and a buffet in the room so that participants can have a snack and rest.


If you are planning to hold the meeting room, then it is better to organize a rental on an ongoing basis, otherwise, it is more advantageous to choose the option with hourly pay for the room. All the details and rules of the event, it is desirable to discuss with the owner of the room in advance, so that after there are no problems. Successful organization of the event will have a good impression on the guests and will make the meeting comfortable and interesting for all participants.

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James Burton is a real state agent working for Savvy Training Rooms in Singapore. He is specialized in applying his expertise and market knowledge for rent out the seminar halls or meeting rooms.

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