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Office Chairs Online: How to Choose the Best Office Chair

Author: Marguerita Gomes
by Marguerita Gomes
Posted: Jan 12, 2019

Buying an office chair online can be easier than you think, especially if you know what to look for. While you may not be able to take a seat and test how it really feels, consider these five factors when making an online purchase for an office chair to ensure your choice not only looks good, but feels good too.


The style and appearance of an office chair is certainly of utmost importance, but the reality is that if you’re intending on sitting for long periods of time, the office chair you select must be comfortable, too. When searching for designer office chairs, ensure you discover what the seat of your chair is made from. If it is made from foam, ensure the type of foam is of a high quality, which is ideal for both longevity and comfort. If you select a mesh office chair, make sure you select a model that has a rigid frame made from high quality materials, with the actual material being tightly woven.

Adjustable properties

Every single person is unique, so an office chair should be able to be adjusted in order to find the perfect position for you. Designer office chairs often come with a host of adjustable functions including chair height, seat tilt, recline and arm rest position. The more ways that you are able to adjust your office chair, the more comfort and support you will be able to achieve, which will enable you to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Back Support

Sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental if you don’t make an educated decision about the type of chair you sit on. Luxury office chairs can still offer you the support you need to ensure your back and spine aren’t compromised. Our spines have a natural curvature, so it is important your office chair includes padding in specific places at angles which support this. You should also be able to adjust the backrest to align with your spine.


Some office chairs offer greater breathability and air circulation as a result of their composition. If you find that your working environment is more on the warmer side, it may be worth searching for office chairs online that are made from mesh. Not only is mesh highly durable, but it allows for ventilation, resulting in keeping you cool at work. With that said, cleaning and maintaining a mesh office chair is far easier compared to fabrics and foams, due to being able to wipe down chairs without the worry of absorption.


Your designer office chair should be made from a high quality material that no only feels good on the skin, but is designed for longevity. If you want a soft material, woven or knitted fabrics are ideal, especially if you are after a foam seat. Real and fake leathers are also commonly used, with the former requiring more maintenance due to the delicacy of the fabric

If you consider the above factors when purchasing an office chair online, not only will you receive a chair that is aesthetic and suits your style, but you will experience high levels of comfort and back support, enabling you to sit for long periods of time.

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