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Stress and techniques to handle it

Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Jan 10, 2019
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Stress is the emotional or mental strain or tension that comes about from very demanding or adverse circumstances. Thus the body has to respond to these demands. Both bad and good experiences can lead to stress. When someone is stressed, the body releases chemicals into the bloodstream. These chemicals enable people to have the strength and energy which can be a good thing whenever the stress comes from physical danger. Stress can also be a bad thing if it is about responding to something emotional and there is no outlet for releasing the extra strength and energy. There are many causes of stress. It can be from physical aspects such as fearing something dangerous, or it can be as a result of emotional aspects such as worrying about the lack of job or difficulties in providing for your family. Learning how to deal with any stress that faces is essential. The first step is first to identify the issue that is causing stress (Critchley, 1).

Since stress is an automatic response of the nervous system to situations, we can know that stressors come at predictable times. Some of the predictable stressors I face daily are commuting to school; jam on the road when late, and family demands. In handling these stressors, I can change the way I react to them or change my entire situation. For example, I used to do part-time jobs after class hours, and I realized that the job was a stressing factor since I did not have to relax or do my assignments. I had to change the situation by doing away with the part-time job. Other strategies I use to handle stress are the four A’s which are accepting, adapting, altering and avoiding. Through avoiding and eliminating the stressors that are I my life, I have become much happier, and I only deal with the essential things in life. For example, I have avoided people who stress me out even ending a relationship with my best friend.

I have also learned to say no when things get too overwhelming for me to handle. Have also promised me to take control over my environment such as avoiding watching horror movies and News since they make me nervous. I also use the to-do list to help me prioritize my schedules, daily tasks, and responsibilities. I make the "musts" and "should" things to do and eliminate those that are not necessary. I have also learned to avoid stress by altering the situation especially in the way I communicate with others and operate in my daily tasks. First, instead of bottling my feels, I open up to things that are bothering me. This way I have avoided building stress and resentment to all those who have angered me. I have also learned to compromise to reach a middle ground. I have also avoided stress by adapting to the stressors such as looking at the big picture or reframing problems (Cotton, 213). Finally, I cope with stress by accepting the way things are such as avoiding controlling the uncontrollable such as other people’s behavior. I have to accept the way they are and forgive those who have wronged me.

To take control when feeling stress the first aspect of managing the stress is simply realizing that I have control over my life. Managing stress is all about taking charge of my emotions, thoughts, lifestyle and the way I deal with problems. No matter how I feel about the stressful circumstances of my life, three are several techniques which I use in relieving the pressure and regaining control (Eysenck, 63). First I identify the source of stress in my life. Pinpointing the source of stress can sometimes be too difficult when going to circumstances in life and this may make one to overlooks his or her behaviors, feelings and thoughts (Hiriyappa, 34). However looking at these challenges and accepting my responsibility of regaining control over my life.

Another technique is to do away with unhealthy ways of coping with stress and replacing them with the healthy means. For example, I would withdraw from activities, family, and friends whenever I am stress or using drugs and pills to help me relax. I had to replace these unhealthy coping strategies with talking to a counselor and a close friend. I would also binge on comfort and junk food, but I had to adapt better ways of coping with stress like engaging in physical exercises. Also by practicing the four A’s of avoiding, adapting, altering and accepting have helped me to handle challenging situations including avoiding people who stress me out.

Finally, I cope with stress by getting moving through exercising and having nature walks. Physical exercises by itself are my best stress-relieving strategy. I also dance to some music in my room to help me relief stress. At home, I take our dog for a walk, and sometimes I cycle or walk to the grocery store or shopping mall. I also play video games like ping-pong with my brother which is also a stress reliever activity.

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