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Benefits of Booking Umrah Packages in Advance

Author: Safeena Rahman
by Safeena Rahman
Posted: Jan 14, 2019

Numerous Muslims residing in different parts of the world embark on a journey from their place of residence to the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform their Umrah. It is also known as the 'lesser pilgrimage' or the 'minor pilgrimage', as the major pilgrimage in Islam is Hajj. Although it is not obligatory for Muslims as the Hajj, Umrah is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and it has its own importance in Islam. Performing it is highly recommended, as it carries certain spiritual rewards for the pilgrim. As it happens every year, millions of Muslims would be performing their lesser pilgrimage in the year 2019.

For those residing in countries that are quite far from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the journey is quite a long one and involves a certain amount of cost. There was a time when Muslims of these countries faced a lot of hurdles in making the necessary arrangements in order to get to Makkah. Today, such journeys are made easier and cost-effective by many of the travel companies or tour operators that have come up in almost every country in the world. The Umrah packages 2019 has in store for pilgrims are available on the websites of these companies. Any prospective pilgrim can browse through the packages offered on such websites and book the desired package.

The opportunities for Umrah 2019 has brought for Muslims across the world are truly beneficial for those who have been looking forward to the minor pilgrimage for quite a long time. They can have greater savings by booking their desired package several months in advance. However, before going ahead with the booking, they need to first choose a suitable date for the journey. Once the date and the duration of stay in Makkah have been decided, they can begin searching for a reliable tour operator or travel company for booking their package for Umrah.

All the prospective pilgrims must book their Umrah package only with a tour operator or travel company that has been authorised by the Ministry of Hajj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Besides this, the company or tour operator offering such packages must be approved by IATA and ATOL. If all these conditions are met, the Muslims intending to perform their lesser pilgrimage can go through the packages that are offered by many such travel companies. Based on the facilities offered in the package and the overall cost, they can book a package that suits their budget.

Muslims who are not concerned about budgets can go for high-end packages. One can find them being offered as 5-star packages on the websites of the leading travel companies. It is mainly due to the fact that the accommodation offered is in an elegant 5-star hotel in Makkah, which is located close to the Masjid al-Haram. A major benefit of staying in such a hotel is that the pilgrim can have greater convenience in getting to the holy mosque and performing Umrah with complete peace of mind.

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I'm Safeena, and I work as a content strategist for Simply Hajj and Umrah, which provides cost-effective Umrah packages for December, January, Easter and Ramadan.

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