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The Role of a Website Developer in Designing and Updation of a Website

Author: Ncritsolution Gurgaon
by Ncritsolution Gurgaon
Posted: Jan 15, 2019
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This is a person or programmers who develop www application or who are engaged in developing an application that can be run in HTTP from the server to a browser. His in various organizations such as small companies, medium companies, governments, and corporations or as a freelancer. Some work as a full-time employee or they may also take up part-time work as a consultant or contractor. Both server side and front end logic is handled by him. There are many website developer in Gurgaon, if you are residing in Gurgaon then you may get to interact with some of them. They may work full time or may also work part-time. A developer does not require any formal education or license. But nowadays many colleges are offering development courses at a reasonable fee. People are also getting training from different tutorials, articles, and videos from different sites at free of cost.

Duties and Responsibilities

Designing, coding and modifying site is the most important responsibility of a developer. He is responsible to create a user-friendly and easy to navigate sites for the clients. The duties and responsibilities of him are as follows:

  • He must have knowledge of programming languages and applications such as CSS, HTML, API, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • He must be an expert in solving technical problems through regular exposure to business executive management and stakeholders.
  • He/she must understand UI, general functions and standards of the web along with cross-browser compatibility.
  • He must communicate regularly with colleagues.
  • He must have experience in delivering and planning software platforms which are mostly used in many organizational units and products.
  • He must have a skill in programming, scripting, and coding. ( eg: Perl, Ruby, Java, ASP, Node.js, PHP, Go, Python, ASP.NET)
  • He must utilize the database.
  • He must use the front-end tools such as EmberJS, ReactJS or AngularJS for creating single page applications.
  • The web designer must have knowledge of security principles and how they can be applied in E-commerce.
  • The front-end developer must use a variety of programming framework and languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to make the features and look of the site.
  • The back end developers must use a variety of programming languages such as Python and Ruby to make the features in the site operator or to build, design and make the application operate front-end development to the back-end development.

So this article provides you with basic information related to the web developer. Nowadays the web developer in Gurgaon is in high demand due to lack of web developer. So if you are interested and have the above skills and knowledge then you can be applied as a web developer. As mentioned above that you do not require any education but you can take training by taking up the courses offered by various institutions.

Summary: There are a number of web developers available. However, the best ones with complete knowledge and professionalism are required who can help develop a website as and when needed.

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A website is basically made for anyone and everyone to summarise and provide details about your company and what does it offer. Therefore, the more easier website design company gurgaon makes it, the more audience you get.

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