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How to Convince Children to Go for Kids’ Adventure Camp?

Author: Swapnil Jukunte
by Swapnil Jukunte
Posted: Jan 17, 2019
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Often, kids become anxious about going to adventure camps without their parents or guardians. However, this natural reaction comes in their mind thinking of separation from their loved ones. Usually, the participants going to kids adventure camp experience a mix of nervousness and excitement; and, the latter trump the former.

However, some kids have difficulty in overcoming their anxious nature and develop serious angst. This can be from the fear of separation from their parents for several weeks or the nervousness of going to a different place. Sometimes, such behaviours come amidst their way of this fun and formative experience.

But, parents must find out a way of sending their kids to summer camps as the little ones hone numerous real-life skills that are useful for their future. Here are some ways that guardians can employ to convince their kids:

  • Including your little kiddo while picking the adventure camp can help him in being familiarised with its environment and setup. Along with this, give him some insights concerning camp activities to formulate his expectations.
  • Never focus on things which are responsible for your child’s anxious behaviour. Instead of questions like ‘Do you think you’ll be comfortable riding a horse?’ try for open-ended interrogations like ‘What are your anticipations about the horse ride?’
  • It is advisable to talk with a child who is anxious about his/her trip rather than trivialising it by saying things like ‘Everyone loves going to camps, you’ll do so too.’ This may discourage his/her further. Parents should have empathy towards their kids. Acknowledging their concerns can instil confidence in them.
  • Help her get excited and thrilled about the camp. Taking her to buy new gears and focusing on the fun things can help her anticipate the experience.
  • Parents who have attended kids’ adventure camps as children can share their experience and its positive aspects with their sons and daughters. Showing them that eagerness to talk about the new and exciting things they will be experiencing in the camp can convince them to go for it.
  • Ensuring the kids that communication with their parents is accessible and easy can help in calming them. Also, outline schedules for emails and phone calls and pack them stamps and envelopes along with explaining how easy and fun camping is.
  • Set particular goals for each conversation and letter. Tell them to write about how they are adjusting and what are the activities they participate in.
  • Arrange for camp rehearsals like a sleepover at grandma’s place to give those kids a feeling of staying away from their homes.
  • Shorten those goodbyes. Instead of lingering at that bus stop, kiss her a quick goodbye and wish her luck for the kids’ adventure camp. Delaying will only jar up emotions for both the kids and the parents.

Employing these tactics can help children overcome their pre-camp nervousness. It is essential for them to attend summer camps as these experiences help kids develop social skills, confidence, leadership quality, and make them independent as well.

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