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From Dawn to Dusk; an unfortunate event of no-internet week

Author: Sage Houston
by Sage Houston
Posted: Jan 17, 2019
three days


I know I have been ranting a lot to you quite recently. I just don’t understand anything these days. The internet service has died. It’s been such a long week. Oh wait…it’s only been three days. Three days since the internet blackout thanks to the weather!

I think when this sort of thing happens – schools should be shut down. I mean how on Earth am I supposed to know all the important details on literally any subject? I just know that if they don’t fix the internet till next week I will start flunking my assignments. Not all the books on my topics are available in the library and because of zero connectivity I can google it up to know which book stores might have them. Had I good internet I could have at least downloaded a PDF version and started working for my grades. I just. I don’t get the teachers as much – you know that already, D!

I had the time to reread since the start of our relationship of pen and paper and I realised I have always studied extra to maintain the good grades I always get. I saw so many pages inked with criticism on and of teachers relating to me and their subjects. Who can understand the law of gravity in just one lecture, anyway? Not me, at least. I have to watch YouTube lectures to understand First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies and their movements and whatnots. It isn’t easy, okay! It isn’t easy to be the A+ student the society and I demand myself to be.

Internet opens a whole new world of information and knowledge flooding towards me and I love drowning into it. I think I am having an anxiety attack. So need a paper bag to breathe into. Just how am I supposed to manage it all, I feel helpless at the moment! No Shmoop, Gradesaver, Cliftnotes or Sparknotes to help me understand literature or anything better. I can see the big red F written in the stars for me.

And the pain doesn’t just stop there. You might think that this must be it but oh noooo how can it. I know a lot of people just think that being student all we should do is bury our necks deep into our big fat books. What about the fun? The socialising and connecting to our loved ones back home. Not all of us study in our hometowns, right? We move to different cities for better education and have so many loved ones back home we keep in touch with. I mean, yeah, calling is an option – but is it really? How many people can I call at maximum?

Being realistic here, I don’t think I can call and actually pour my heart out to all the people I know every day as easily as I can on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram! Life is such a bliss with internet around and this snow is literally ruining it all for me and a lot of other students.

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I just called to check on the internet service providers and guess what? I just have to wait till Monday and boom – I can have a life back, for crying out loud!

I am so happy but my pen pal, Karen, suggested I switch to local cable deals instead of our regular connection. Her town suffered from heavy rain and they still had internet. I asked father and he said he would think over it. :’)

He’s just a bit hesitant because no one likes trying new things, but I guess it’s time we reform.

I’ll let you know how the rest of the waiting days turn out, D. Thanks for hearing me out whenever I want dear diary.


Nichole, The Good Student!

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Sage works as a digital marketer and is loved not just as the human she is but also because of her work and passion.

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