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E-Cigs and Cartomizer-how e-cigs work

Author: Lei Jane
by Lei Jane
Posted: May 21, 2014
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Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale is a devices which resembles the real cigarettes but instead of smoke they produce vapors on heating the e-liquid or solution containing nicotine with flavors. Sometimes the liquid does not contain nicotine. The device has 3 major components. The heating element or atomizer. The liquid container and the liquid.

Let us have a look on how some atomizer works. Some work with atomizer. In this foam like substance is used as liquid container. Which when comes in contact with the atomizer produces vapors. Some other don't have foam like substance and rely on other methods. The most common are cartomizers. This is a combination of two words cartridges and atomizer.

some of the devices that are like cigarettes in shape and appearance use a "cartomizer". It is a combination of two words; Cartridge and atomizer, thus cartomizer. It is an e-liquid delivery system. It is composed of heating element around which a liquid fill poly foam exist that holds the liquid. This is disposed of after the e-liquid's taste changes to burnt taste. This happens when the coil gets dried. It also happens when cartomizer gets flooded because of sedimentation of the wicking material. The cartomizers are refillable although it is not advertised.

Cartomizer can be used alone. Sometimes it is used with a tank that extends the e-liquid capacity. When the cartomizer is used in this way another word carto tank is used. In the case when tank is used, the cartomizer resides in plastic, glass or metal tube. Holes are made to allow the liquid to go to the cartomizer thus reaching the heating coil.

Clearomizer is another variation of cartomizer. Similar to cartotanks they have clear tank which contains the atomizer. They are different in the sense no polyfoam material can be found. The wicking system vary greatly different wicking systems are used for good moistening of the wick without flooding the coil. How liquid is reached to the atomizer? In some, gravity solves the problem to bring the liquid to the atomizer. Some clearomizer uses capillary action.

These are the basic components of electronic cigarettes. Now the next time, you would be presented with a choice to choose from e-cigs you can make an educated choice, as you will be equipped with the essential knowledge about E-Cig Batteries Wholesale and how they work. The vaping community will welcome you as a genius who not only likes e-cigs but have essential knowledge of how electronic cigarettes work.

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