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Why Is Performance Testing Must Before Hitting the Market?

Author: Anik Smith
by Anik Smith
Posted: Jan 18, 2019

Performance testing of software is used to govern the performance of the system to highlight, measure, validate or substantiate quality attributes of the system like:

  • Quality of reaction
  • Speed
  • Stability and
  • Flexibility in measurement under varied load conditions

The best software testing service puts thesystem is under a trial, which consists of a mixture of load conditions and the time taken to respond by the system is checked. The best software testing companies providing performance testing service test with the application under observation to make certain that it is working as expected under varied load conditions.

Importance of Performance Testing

Before putting a step in the market, any software should be tested in terms of speed, scalability and stability. Hence, aperformance testing service is critical in QA and is incomplete without it. The best software testing company providing the best software testing service will not take their application live without performing this test.

After the report is obtained a software testing expert notes down the faults in the fields of time taken and poor user interface which if left unchecked creates a bad impression on the clients. The best software testing companies, in general, lay special emphasis on this testing process as it encompasses a range of varied tests which allows analysis of various features of the system.

Hence, according to any of the best software testing companies, performance testing is the one crucial step which alerts them about what needs to be done before going live!

Types of Performance testing:

  • Load Testing: It is done to make certain what amount of load the application can endure.
  • Stress Testing: A software testing expert does this test to check the stability of software when hardware resources (such as – CPU, disk space, memory) is not sufficient.
  • Spike Testing:It is a basic performance testing service performed by a software testing expert whowill not skip this step because it is used to validate the performance features when the program is under test and subjected to several workload models.
  • Endurance testing:Performance testing done by the best software testing companies never forgets to do this test because it informs about the robustness of the application.
  • Scalability Test: The best QA companies do this test to check the flexibility of the software.
  • Volume Testing: The best software testing service provider includes this test on their methodology to monitor the behavior of an application under varied database volumes.
Attributes of an ideal performance testing company:

  • Italways supports the test environment.
  • Ensures the application is meeting the approved performance criteria.
  • The habit of scheduled tests is generally found in the best software testing company.
  • The best QA companies perform the test according to a proper methodology. First,they collect and study the data. After this, they investigate bottleneck problems with r
esource utilization like memory, CPU etc. Next comes the generation of performance reports and repeating the method.

  • The best software testing company which provides the best software testing service involves the last step which includes – study results, report generation and re-tests. On the basis of the test report, reprioritizing the test and re-performing the same is a critical attribute of an ideal performance testing company.

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