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Learn About Tracking Mutual Fund Performance

Author: Shashank Pawar
by Shashank Pawar
Posted: Jan 25, 2019

What are the current mutual fund returns? This question always comes up when you are investing in a mutual fund. Well in today’s digital world, it has become quite simple to track your investment portfolio and get a better idea of each and every mutual fund performance. Either you are a regular investor or first timer, it is important to research regarding mutual fund returns well in advance.

Those who have already invested would be getting regular updates or statements to understand the performance of the schemes they have invested in. Apart from that, there are apps and websites which can help you with the same. Many finance related newspapers also give a brief idea of mutual fund performances regularly. Even there are fund factsheets through which you can get knowledge about mutual fund performance. These fact sheets are just like report cards which gives you a clear picture of mutual fund returns.

Now let’s talk about how to calculate mutual fund returns. There is no need to worry, as, with the introduction of various mutual fund return calculator, this task has become quite easy.

So here are some mutual fund calculator:

Mutual Fund Calculator for Lump sum

In this tool you need to insert the lump sum amount (in rupees), number of Years and expected rate of return per annum. There are two ways to calculate mutual fund returns- absolute terms and compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Mutual Fund Calculator helps is calculating return on lump sum investment in absolute terms when invested for a period of 1 year or less than 1 year. This is in the form of a percentage. You need to follow below formula for calculating Absolute Returns

Absolute Return = Current Value – Initial Value * 100 Initial Value

But if the investment is held for more than one year, the mutual fund returns are calculated in terms of compounded growth. This will give a better picture of year on year growth of your money. Below formula is for calculating Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

CAGR = ( Current Value )1/N -1 Initial Value

The current value is the amount on the day of redemption whereas initial value is the Investment amount and n stands for a number of years.

Mutual Fund Calculator for SIP This calculator helps you compute expected returns of your monthly/quarterly SIP investment.

For this you need to enter following inputs:

  • SIP installment amount
  • The expected rate of return
  • Tenure of the SIP
  • For example, if you want to do a SIP of Rs. 1000 for 12 months with an expected return of 15%, the calculator will give you the result as Rs. 13008. However, it is to be noted that mutual fund returns provided by a SIP calculator are general estimates based, which can change according to market situations.

    Inflation Calculator

    Inflation calculator is used to calculate the amount you will require to meet your future expenses. For example, if you are entering Rs. 20,000 as your current expenses, inflation rate as 7% and time period 30 years, the calculator will give your result as Rs 1.52 lac which you will need in future.

    Mutual funds are one of the best tools for long-term planning wherein one needs to check the mutual fund performance through its historical returns. This can help an investor decide whether to continue or exit the fund and switch to a new one. Also, the mutual fund calculator of various types can help in comparing the performance of different funds and schemes of the same fund. Henceforth, the investor should investigate the fund well and analyze the mutual fund returns for taking any investment decisions.

    Mutual Fund Calculator of various types can help in comparing Mutual Funds Performance of different funds and schemes of the same fund. Henceforth, investor should investigate the fund well and analyse the mutual fund returns for taking any investment decisions.

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