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What is H-1B Visa and its effect on Tech workers?

Author: Sehaz Kaur
by Sehaz Kaur
Posted: Jan 23, 2019
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According to "Immigration Act of 1990", the H-1B Visa was introduced and signed by President George H.W. Bush. It was launched to meet the employee shortages in USA. It is a non immigrant visa purely for impermanent workers. The main motive is to facilitate the Organizations in United States to deal with employee deficiency in budding areas which require dedicated proficiency such as Engineering and computer encoding.

To possess this visa, the employer must provide you a work in the United States and submit an application on behalf of you by applying H1B Visa request with the US immigration Department. The request approved by the immigration department shows that the work permit is provided which makes you to acquire a visa stamp and job of USA.

Benefits of H-1B Visa

H-1B visa is a type of manifold entry visa which means the visa holder can travel in and out of USA for several times, but the only condition is that the travel must be within the particular visa validity time.

The visa holders can work for more than one United States Company, if he/she must be approved with Form I-129 request by each employer. But, it comes under exceptional cases.

The family members of H-1B visa holders like the life partner and kids( who are minor) are permitted to reside in the united states under the division of dependent visa called H4 visa till the validity period.

It is easy transferable (ie) the employee can change the current employer. The H-1B Visa can be easily transferred to new boss.

The persons have full rights to purchase or sell the properties, stock trading, even can purchase draw tickets too in USA.

After certain period, The H-1B Visa holders are qualified to permanent citizenship to USA.

In what way H-1B Visas are affecting Tech Workers?

The Present Stringent rules of H-1B visa directly affects the Job opportunities of many employees who want to work in United States.

Every year, Most of the companies depend on H-1B visa to hire/recruit an efficient employee to their organization. This process motivated so many employees in the home country as well as students (who are technically updated) to get job in United States by getting H-1B Visa. Companies like Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft are the best organizations who approved and recruit H-1B Visa candidates.

The American President Donald Trump signed an administrative order which made all tech workers to feel insecurity in job. The administrative order is nothing but "Buy America and Hire American".He is very much particular about to reduce admittance of H-1B visas to America and he believes in giving employment opportunities only to American citizens and not to other country citizens.

Recently, the survey was conducted among ten thousand tech employees in order to find out whether they have been distressed by the suspension of H1B premium precession or not? Based on the result nearly, 38 percent of tech workers hurt by H-1B premium

processing suspension according to the latest statement.

With effect of suspension, most of the tech companies like Paypal, Uber, Amazon, Expedia group, Linkedln, Apple, Cisco, eBay, Oracle are facing depressing consequences. The H-1B visa holders are getting affected with the new rules imposed by American President Donald Trump. He believes that no employees can work better than American employees, if they are motivated and rewarded by the employers properly.

An anonymous social network called Blind which is a chitchat app launched for confirmed employees. It is meant for tech workers who want to share their opinions, suggestions in any cases like salary revision, disputes in the workplace etc. The employees had discussion related to H-1B visa rules modifications by US president Donald Trump and as a result, they understood, 38 percent of tech workers hurt by H-1B premium processing suspension.

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