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Hand wash or Automatic Car Wash. Which is better?

Author: Anil Sethi
by Anil Sethi
Posted: Jan 27, 2019
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Evolving face of the car industry and ever-growing car demand has generated the need for a car cleaning services and even it has turned out precision and time-based. Carwash specialist has no scope of making mistakes as possessing a clean and shiny car is becoming a trending norm.

This norm can be achieved by proper car detailing driven by experts. The experts can help the car owners in getting their asset cleaned and maintain the resale value. The use of the strategies and information regarding car wash at home vs. automated car washing is only because people are getting more conscious towards their assets. They have now understood that the car cleaned using automatic car wash machine is much better than hand wash irrespective of cost as it brings down complete cleanliness and ultimate shine to the car without investing excessive time.

Seeing at the cons and pros of both types of car washing is worth discussion as it clears the mindset of the car owners regarding latest car wash techniques.

Hand Car washing:

This is the traditional way of car cleaning. The ever-growing needs and advancement of technology have forced many car owners to adopt today's fashion of car washing which even includes a ceramic coating. In spite of the people’s mentality that hand cleaning is slow, its posses’ certain benefits that can hold back for a few more years in coming future. Looking at the cons and pros will help in getting a clear picture of the manual car cleaning.


  • Customized and perfection:

The end outcome of the hand washing task is deemed usually to be the best. It is advised to go for hand washing once along with certain coating strategies like Teflon coating.

  • Easy and Cost-Effective:

Going for hand car washing is cheaper than automated car washing as the cost of sponges, bucket and car wash company is cheaper and can be available at any store.

  • Complete Cleanliness:

Manual cleaning is preferred as it assures complete cleanliness and every nook and corner can be cleaned easily especially in terms of car interior cleaning.


  • Wastage of Water:

The water usage is a major drawback of the manual cleaning as people use extra water for cleaning. many of the automatic car wash company in Delhi NCR have an edge in water usage area in comparison to any hand washing techniques.

  • Excess Muscle Power Required:

Intensive muscle energy is applied and after a certain point in time, tired muscles start giving poor results.

  • Time Consuming:

This is a time-consuming task as you need to give care to minute cleaning and even be careful about cleaning rugs as bit carelessness can lead to scratches and marks over the car paint that can hamper the appearance of the car.

  • Leaves Dull Marks:

Most of the time normal soap is being used and when the soap is washed away, it leaves a dull and whitish coat over the car paint and this hampers the appearance of the car coating and finally the hampering your love’s look.

  • Can Adversely affect Car Coating:

You can’t go for scrubbing as for sure it will lead to coating deformation with scratches and high defined marks.

Automatic Car Wash:

In every aspect of life, machines are working parallelly to humans and even at some point in time, it is a need that has no alternatives. The company providing automatic car wash along with other forms of washing like foam car wash uses latest machineries like steam car wash machine.


  • Gentle on Car Body:

Any automatic machine is gentle on the body of the car and its paint. So, it brings relaxation in mind that can won’t be hampered due to scrubbing.

  • In-Depth Cleaning:

For thorough cleaning going for the automated car, washing is always the best idea.

  • Saves Time:

The time factor and time-consuming features are certain benefits that one can drag from going for an automatic car wash.


  • Complete cleanliness:

Cleanliness of every nook and corner cannot be achieved through an automatic car wash as machines will never work like humans. So complete cleaning is somewhere a drawback for automatic washing even after using professional car vacuums, you cannot achieve full cleanliness.

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