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Put Up A Good Defence In The Court With A Competent Deportation Lawyer In The U.S

Author: Alami Law
by Alami Law
Posted: Jan 28, 2019

A deportation proceeding is indeed a nightmare for any individual in the US. At such a crucial juncture, an individual might have conflicting thoughts in their mind. First of all, many expect to obtain relaxation from the judge by telling a sympathetic story which is nothing but a mirage in the desert.

The immigration judge could not always be trusted for relaxing the deportation proceedings because they are most likely to consider the legal factors rather than the circumstances of the applicant. In the following discussion, some of how a lawyer might help to put up a defence in the court for deportation case.

Troubles With Deportation Cases

If you have to hire a deportation attorney, you need to know why! The court proceedings of deportation cases are less formal as compared to normal court proceedings and include assumptions that the applicant is not familiar to the American legal system. In this case, the immigration judge is supposed to act impartially albeit with the influence of assumptions regarding the presence of the applicant in the court in the first place.

For example, the immigration judge may be under the impression that the applicant has broken some rules after obtaining a green card or has failed to comply with the legal requirements for US citizenship. This puts the applicant at a negative because the immigrant judge deems it fit to deport the applicant on the grounds of their violation of the US law.

A deportation attorney, on the other hand, could prove to be a calculated weapon to deal with deportation proceedings in the court. These lawyers take their time to review the case properly and evaluate the charges against the applicant by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Furthermore, lawyers have the necessary expertise in dealing with various complexities in the immigration laws that might not be known to common people.

Here’s how they help!

There are many ways in which a deportation lawyer could help an immigrant to be saved from deportation. How the lawyers could present a defence in the court for immigrants are to be taken into account for validating their effectiveness. Here are some of how deportation attorneys can help in immigration law matters.

Lawyers can argue for the fallacy of the charges against the immigrant defending their deportation.

The attorney could establish the immigrant’s qualification for asylum due to a reasonable perception of threats of persecution upon return to the home country.

The attorney could help in classifying the immigrant as a US citizen by the US citizenship of a parent or grandparent.

The lawyer could also help in requesting the judge for a green card of the basis of immediate relation with a US citizen.

The deportation attorney would also assist applicants to prepare their application for cancelling removal or deportation. This will help immigrants to obtain a green card by their different close relationships, moral character and a long period of lawful residence in the US.

Finally, the attorney could also request for exercising prosecutorial discretion in which the DHS should close the applicant’s case on the grounds of family ties in the US and good character and focus on other cases which could be real threats to the US society.

A good bit of research can help you in landing up with a competent immigration attorney in your locality and save you from the worries of deportation!

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Author: Alami Law

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