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The Difference Between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology

Author: Aadi Shakti
by Aadi Shakti
Posted: Feb 03, 2019

In the movement of the celestial bodies hides a deeper that means that's revealed by astrology. whereas Vedic astrology is being practiced since thousands of years once ancient sages recorded their observations in religious text scriptures, Western astrology may be a comparatively new domain. The enriching field of astrology will typically be confusing for the uninitiated and people new either of the 2 systems. There are several elementary, astronomical, and useful variations between Vedic Astrology and Western astrology. Any noted astrologer in Bangalore or anyplace within the world who understands these variations will help you assess the various possibilities in your life.

Fundamental variations separating the 2 systems

At the muse of the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology is that the zodiac chosen by every of the system. Vedic astrologers use a zodiac supported the constellations and their physical locations within the sky, additionally known as the sidereal zodiac. they begin at the start of Aries, that is sometimes the placement within the sky right opposite to star, and move forward in 30-degree segments for succeeding signs. On the opposite hand, Western astrologers create use of the tropical zodiac during which the sun’s orbit round the Earth is employed to see the beginnings of the twelve zodiac signs. The onset of the seasons or the time once the sun traverses the equator are a number of the symptoms of the sun’s orbit round the Earth.

Differences in methodology and approach

The strengths and therefore the weaknesses of various planets within the system create Vedic astrology and Western astrology differ in every of their approaches and methodologies. whereas Western pseudoscience considers retrograde planets weak, they're believed to be sturdy in religious text pseudoscience. religious text astrologers assign the designation of the terms debilitated and fallen to the planets occupying the sign opposite to their exaltation sign, whereas Western astrologers see the planets holding the sign opposite to the one they rule as debilitated.

There are several ideas in Vedic astrology that are rarely or never employed in Western astrology. a number of the ideas that don't seem to be utilized by Western astrologers embrace the thought of true planets (starting from Mercury and ending at Saturn) being at war if they're inside one degree of 1 another; the idea of planets obtaining directional strength after they occupy specific angles; and considering a planet sturdy once it occupies an equivalent sign on the natal and therefore the navamsha charts. The idea of combustion, that is that the section once a planet is close to the sun, isn't utilized by Western astrologers, whereas it's a fundamentals in Vedic astrology.

Astronomical principles governing the 2 systems

Vedic astrology depends on comparatively additional precise astronomical principles as compared to Western pseudoscience. religious text astrologers base their observations on moon signs instead of sun signs. The sun’s sign changes in virtually a month whereas the moon’s sign changes each 2.25 days, that makes predications supported the moon additional correct and shut as people’s circumstances and moods amendment quite often. whereas satellite mansions are seldom employed in Western astrology, Vedic astrologers notice them central to calculative dasas are so integral to the system.

While the 2 systems have their variations, every has its own takers. If you’re searching for a Vedic astrologers in Bangalore, your search find at AadiShakti. you'll find some of the famous Astrologers in Bangalore at your service for obtaining correct predictions and solutions for your issues. we tend to use detail-oriented, effective strategies of predictions and tools to offer you simply reliable results. We are also provide the Nadi Astrology in Bangalore.

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