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Why should invest in Billboard

Author: Minal Chavan
by Minal Chavan
Posted: Feb 04, 2019

Outdoor advertising marketing experts say hoarding and billboard are becoming an increasingly attractive mode of investment for individuals. The entry charge is not as steep as real estate, and the money can be retrieved in a shorter duration, they said.

We live in the age of information overload, a time where the average person is bombarded with more than 5,000 advertising messages EACH DAY!

So with all this noise, how do you ensure that your customers are receiving your message loud and clear. Well, it’s simple really! You can’t mute them, skip them, block them or minimize them!

Most successful and growing corporations are investing in billboard advertising with less investment on ads in magazines and other types of print form.

Billboards – The Unmissable Medium!
  1. Billboards achieve great cut-through because they are stand-alone. No need for them to fight with the clutter of other advertisements, as is the case with other media.
  2. 86% of people agree that Billboards make brands stand out.
  3. Studies have shown that Billboards not only work alone but also develop the return on investment of other media when you add them to the mix.
  4. Research shows that only 13% of consumers stick to a pre-determined shopping list. 88% of people see outdoor advertising and 72% of those people can be swayed towards a product by having recently viewed outdoor advertising.
  5. Outdoor permits you to target specific audiences and markets, i.e. shoppers, tourists, business travellers, tradesman etc.
  6. Outdoor is 40% more effective for creating awareness than any other media.

Billboards Bring in New Business

There’s no way around it: billboards work to make businesses stand out amongst their competitors. Bring in the new market that you need by designing a creative billboard.

Outdoor print marketing is about stirring sentiment and making sure your particular brand message stays in the mind of the public. This combines them with your brand, builds a relationship, loyalty, trust, and of course, increases sales.

Here are four important reasons that you should take the plunge and invest in a billboard for your business.

  1. Awesome Design Possibilities

Billboards produce enormous space for creativity and graphic design savvy. But the question is that what makes for an impactful and successful billboard?

In that, printing companies and graphic designers are now putting together eye-catching billboard advertising that grabs our attention immediately. There is a multitude of creative billboard trends taking the market by storm.

See below example of creative billboard design that makes use of their space effectively.

  1. Brand Repetition and Brand Recall

High frequency and repetitive marketing is key to brand awareness. In the billboard advertising, you have to get your advertisement in front of people multiple times.

By associating your company with a specific location on the highway or the road, you are making up space in the profitable mind of the customer. When they want to contact a company that offers your service or product, you will be the first business on their mind.

  1. Cost Effective and ROI

Also, billboard advertising is one of the most cost-effective benefits in the marketing industry. Most billboards, flags, outdoor banners (most forms of outdoor print marketing), costs less than any other medium.

A Billboards not only enhance brand awareness exponentially, but they have also been proven to afford a higher return on investment, which drastically increasing market share and sales.

  1. Location is Everything

Finding the right location to place a billboard is very important. Strategic placement of billboards is key to marketing success. You know where your target market is placed; as well as where they would be travelling on the roads.

Particularly, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about billboard placement. Do your research and pass your brand message on to the relevant people, in the right place and the perfect time!

Work with Us

If you decide to try out billboard ads, get in touch with us at Global Advertisers. We’ll help you to enhance your ability to reach people in new and exciting ways. We also specialize in other forms of outdoor advertising if you decide to take that route. Let’s start!

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