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Easiest way to write an impressive Argumentative Essay

Author: Henna Williams
by Henna Williams
Posted: Feb 09, 2019

Argumentative essay sometimes creates havoc among students, even most dedicated ones are no exception in this situation. Let's face it with a reasonable argument. Everyone faces arguments whether it's a doctor, lawyer, newscaster, broadcaster, politician or a neighbor to your next door. Students often confuse argumentative essay with a persuasive essay.

What are Augmentative Essays?

Argumentative essay maintains a specific position on a particular point and provides multiple reasons, and facts in support. The purpose of these essays is to present compelling evidences and leaves it on the choice of the reader to agree or disagree.

It is the harsh reality of human society that they are always in conflict with each other. Even the most educated class of the society has difference of opinion which they express in their daily routine. This is where an argumentative essay comes into light. These essays are very important in academic world because they help the students to build argument and back them with reason and evidence.

As you have grasped the definition of argumentative essay, so stop thinking that who will write my essay for me, start now!

To help the reader put his consent in your favor, you have to meet specific criteria. Interesting topic, quality evidence, thorough assessment and quality of language are some of the prerequisites for an effective argumentative essay.

Research a topic and write about it

The vastness of knowledge has blessed academia with the availability of thousands of topics to argue. Search for prevailing issues and select one which sparks your interest because it will help you to construct argument for the essay. Once you choose the topic, make a list of points that are in favor or against the topic. Determine which side of the argument you will support but do not forget to back your arguments with reason and evidence. Work hard against opposing point of view to prove that why your side is right.

I have got the topic, what to do next?

Some important steps will help you to write an argumentative essay with great ease.

Gather Evidence

One of the core objectives of your essay is to weight both sides of the issue. Choose strongest evidence in favor or against the issue as it will help you shoot other statements down. Remember one thing that emotions or drama has no role in building the argument, construct it by sticking with facts, figures, and examples to back your argument.

You can also take assistance from any other scholarly research on the same topic to empower reasoning in the essay. Interviewing professionals related to your selected topic can help you build a compelling argument.

Thesis Statement

Before you start writing you need to be a bit specific. To do that you are required to define a short thesis statement or proposition. This will enable you to stay on the topic by preventing your deviation.

A thesis statement must not be vague; rather, it should have a debatable assertion. For example "It is necessary to ban social media" is a vague statement. You can revise the statement by mentioning, "Use of social media websites during working hours result in the loss of productivity; therefore, it should be banned during working hours."

Present both Sides

The main body of your argument should include strongest points from other sides. After providing the arguments of other sides, it is the right time to present your point of view by providing evidence to prove its authenticity.


Conclude the essay by summarizing your stance and reinstate the thesis statement. Prove on the basis of evidences that why your position on the topic is correct one!

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