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The constant threat of cybercrime

Author: Henna Williams
by Henna Williams
Posted: Feb 09, 2019

The world in which we are living nowadays is completed controlled by the dominance of the internet. People are making themselves dependent on the internet so much that its impossible for them to live without it. Due to its efficiency of making things easier, beneficial and profitable even huge big bens of the market are relying on the power of the internet for their whole business. Apart from that many individuals are running their own small businesses and official websites on it. Not even a single person can imagine to access things or do something creative without the help of the internet.

However, what people don't observe is that despite all the privacy measures taken by them, their information can be extracted and hacked by someone very easily and professionally. People nowadays have a subscription to various networking sites and other sites that are available for official working. Nowadays this is not only limited to social networking sites only. Even the companies and banks have their entire information on the internet which is a constant threat to their and customers confidential information. In simple words, they face a continuous threat of getting there information leaked out from cybercriminals. Performing a cybercrime might not be easy but if a person becomes successful in hacking even a single piece from the whole information than it makes the company or the bank face severe consequences.

From the past few years many banks have become a victim of cybercrime, and even after that, they are providing the facility of internet banking or e-banking just to facilitate their customers. When a person enters the login credentials on a website or even on their application, then one thing is for sure that the information is between the bank and the customer. However, apart from that both the bank and the customer is unaware that the internet that they are using to access their information is controlled by a third party. The authority to control the internet is only in the hands of a proper department working under the umbrella of the government. This department guarantees to keep the information secure and confidential and the only reason why they keep a check is to notice if someone is crossing the code of ethics mentioned by them. Despite a continuous check from the cyber-crime investigation department, many criminals became successful in stealing the money of the people either by their internet banking or by hacking the system of the bank. The cyber-criminal is considered as the toughest criminal to be found as a person who commits such a crime never uses his or her own information or details. This is another reason why cybercrime is not yet that much easily and frequently done and if it's done it is on a huge scale.

The use of the latest technologies and software is making the application of cybercrime very convenient for the people. According to people in the future, the common way of stealing money from someone is going to be totally replaced by stealing it online. This also makes the criminal unrecognizable as no one can confirm one's identity without visually witnessing someone. The educational institutions nowadays are being advised by the government to include the awareness of cybercrime prevention. Universities are introducing proper courses for the prevention of this crime. A lot of information is also available on the internet regarding the threats and dangers of this type of crime and also how they can be prevented. People have written proper research reports and essays on this, and it just needs to be searched and read. People can search to write my essay for me on cybercrime, and a lot of information will come in front of them regarding the dangers, and preventions related to it.

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Author: Henna Williams

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