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Benefits of Humidifiers in Winter

Author: Hannah Edmonds
by Hannah Edmonds
Posted: Jan 02, 2020
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Winter comes with a lot of dry air which is not particularly beneficial to our health or even household furniture and appliances. To prevent or relieve the harmful effects of dry air, moisture must be restored properly, and it is at this point that humidifiers come into the picture. Humidifiers are specifically designed to add moisture or water to indoor air so as to make the air cooler.

If you are still thinking whether you should get a humidifier for your home during the winter or not, here are some benefits of installing humidifiers in your home or office.

Prevention of airborne infections

Dry air serves as a great medium for viruses and other harmful airborne agents to travel and infect individuals in your household. No wonder influenza and other airborne diseases are very common during the winter. You can prevent your home from becoming the breeding space for infections by simply getting a suitable humidifier that will add moisture to your home.

Prevention of dry skin and other skin related issues

Biologically, a large percentage of our body is made up of water. The dry air of the winter usually dries up the skin as moisture is removed from the skin from time to time. This often results into dry lips, itchy and dry skin, peeling lips, and skin irritation. If you want your skin to be healthy during the winter and retain its necessary moisture, it is a must for you to install a humidifier in your home and office.

Improvement of sleep

Even if you have the most comfortable pillow and mattress in the world, dry air can be a big problem for you especially whenever you want to enjoy a good night rest. Nevertheless, you can improve your sleep by getting a humidifier. Also, humidifiers are known to reduce snoring; hence, making it possible for you and others in the room to sleep soundly.

Alleviation of allergy symptoms

For people with allergy symptoms, the tissues of their throat and nasal passages are constantly irritated. This irritation occurs more during the winter when the air is drier than normal. Fortunately, the newer designs of humidifiers have been created to provide an environment that will ensure that house dust mites, pollens and other items that cause allergy reactions are gotten rid of.

Prevention of damage to wood furniture

Dry air is one of the major culprits of cracks and warps of most wood furniture during the winter. Not only does dry air loosen the joints of chairs, tables and wood floor, but it is also capable of changing the size of wooden doors so that they do not close or open properly again. However, you can prevent these unpleasant experiences by using a humidifier to provide constant moisture to the woods.

Provision of seasonal comfort

Comfort is perhaps one of the most important reasons you should consider when getting a humidifier. Bloody nose, allergy symptoms, dry skin and other effects of dry air typically make life difficult for anyone. You can save your household from the seasonal discomfort that dry air can cause by using an air humidifier in your living spaces. Remember that the comfort of your family weighs more than any amount that you can spend on getting a humidifier or a luxurious down pillow.

Prevention of static electricity

Winter increases static electricity and all its effects. From clingy skirts to frizzy hair, and sparks that can your electronics and computers, there are lots of ways that static electricity can affect your household. Imagine how much you may have to spend on the repair or replacement of any electronic devices and computers that may be damaged by static electricity. All you have to prevent this is to get a humidifier and install in your office or home.

Reduction of the heating bill

Generally, moist air that is provided by humidifiers is warmer than dry air. Since the room will become warmer due to the effects of moist air, the need to heat your living space will be reduced. Therefore, you are going to spend less on heating bills.

Improvement of the wellbeing of indoor houseplants

Tropical plants that are usually planted inside the homes or offices thrive better when they are exposed to moist air. So, if you have indoor houseplants in your home and office, make them happier and healthier by bringing a humidifier into your space.

Considering the points listed above, the benefits of a humidifier is definitely worth any amount that you may have to spend on getting and maintaining one.

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