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Hairdresser Colour Specialist Providing Here Tips for Hair Retaining

Author: Ketan Patel
by Ketan Patel
Posted: Feb 15, 2019

Having unique hair colours are quite common these days, most of the people get their hair colour to make them look cool whereas some people prefer having hair colour as they are having white coloured hair. Having a professional hair colour is quite costly, but the thing is how to retain its colour and shine for a long time.

There are so many things to consider for hair retaining and hair care. Here are the top tips provided by Hairdresser Colour Specialist that can make your hair colour to resist for a long time.

Prepare your hair first: Prepare your hair first before having the process of hair colour done, you can get that done with the help of the clarifying shampoo because this does not lead the colour to get penetrated inside your hair.

Choose the right Shampoo: This is the main thing that you have to keep in your mind, always choose the shampoo which is professional and genuine; just make sure that the shampoo you are going to choose must not be harsh to your skin. Do ensure that it must be colour safe and free from the Sulfate. Before applying on your hair, kindly read out its ingredients.

Never shampoo after having hair colour: Never wash your hair immediately after having the hair colour as this makes the hair colour to get wash off because the hair colour that you have done have not to get completely absorbed inside your hair. After around 72 hours of your hair colour procedure done, just wash off your hair with the prescribed or the right shampoo.

Have oiling on regular basis: For the colour treated hair, the choice of the Jojoba oil is the best option. This oil is the best option for those who are having dry hair or oily hair. The method and the ingredients that are used with jojoba oil changes with the type of hair.

Protect your hair from sunlight: Sun can not only damage your skin, but it also damages your coloured hair too. The UV rays from the sun can damage your hair and damage the colour of your hair. Spray the right SPF on your hair to protect it from the sun rays to not to get damaged from the harmful sun radiations.

Stay away from heat: After having the hair colour try not to have the blow dryer, hot rollers and the flat iron on to your hair. After having the colour the protective layer which is present on the hair gets stripped off to get the hair colour absorbed. After using the heating devices on to the hair they can get the damaged. So, avoid using such kind of heating types of equipment. In case you have a need of using this equipment, just use the heat protectant spray which will maintain the moisture of your hair and never let them get damaged with such equipment.

Add little amount of dye in your conditioner: Using conditioner make hair to look smooth and shining always. After having the hair colour, then just add a small amount of your hair colour into your condition which will make it look fresh and colourful always. Try to use this tip every time you wash your hair. Make sure that your chosen conditioner must be free from the sulfate.

Wash your hair less: Washing your hair every day, can get your hair colour to get faded early by doing so you are washing the natural oil which is present in your hair which is beneficial for your hair. Make a habit of washing your hair 2-3 times in a week to resist the hair colour.

Check the temperature of the water: Prior shampooing does ensure that the temperature of the water must not too much. To get your hair colour to resist, just shampoo your hair colour with the warm water and while conditioning makes sure the water must be cold.

Have dry shampoo: Try to use the dry shampoo for your hair too once in a week as such type of shampoo will give your hair a new and the refreshing look. This will make your hair colour exactly that you have recently get your hair coloured.

Avoid going to the swimming pools: Swimming pools are having a great amount of chlorine in them which can act as the bleaching agent which can harm your hair colour completely. If you have Blonde hair colour, then it can turn into the green colour, on the other hand, if you are having a dark colour, then it can become dull or can lose their complete shine and the moisture. Use leave-in conditioners before going to the swimming pools to protect their colour.

Have the procedure of trimming on regular intervals: The process of the trimming helps in making hair to grow fast and make them look amazing too. Even though, having untrimmed hair leads to the growth of the split ends which get the hair to look faded.

Choose the right saloon: This is the most important thing that a person never ignore. If you want to get your hair colour to look great, just choose the right saloon that always uses the professional tools, Best Hair Colouring, and the right procedures to follow-up the procedure of the hair colour.

Use Leave in treatments: Sometimes, hair styling requires usage of the harsh chemicals which can make hair to look damaged. Do you know that hair that is having treatment of hair colour need to have excess hydration and the protection against the sun that can only be done by having the leave in treatments which will make hair to look smooth and hydrated always; even after having hair styling too. All of their services are having a very reasonable price and are very much genuine too.

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