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Hose Manufacturers in India

Author: Aditya Lodha
by Aditya Lodha
Posted: Feb 16, 2019
fluid conveyance

What is Polyhose?

Polyhose is a Indian primarily based multinational heterogeneous industrial conglomerate focussed on style, development, production and distribution of fluid conveyance product. Our producing plants square measure the foremost trendy products with state of art facilities and also the needed consummate experience to deliver premium quality, reliable and high performing merchandise.

Establishment of Polyhose?

Polyhose had a humble start within the year 1996, however within a span of a 20 years it's established a worldwide imprint with its operations in North America, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and today it engages over 1500 workers in its worldwide operation with an aspiration to form Polyhose the foremost most popular brand within the international market.

Why choose Polyhose?

Polyhose, with a progressive producing facilities are licensed with ISO 9001-2008, TS16949 & AS9100D, additionally as EMS Certified operations, managed by experienced and proficient managers from the business, for building competitive advantage through sturdy processes and implementing operational excellence in every area of operations to deliver world category POLYHOSE branded merchandise.

Mission of Polyhose?


1. Polyhose aims to become a most popular international Player within the business of providing Fluid conveyance systems to our partners2. Grow in Mobile Fluid Systems and Industrial Fluid Systems3. Develop in Niche Market of Life Sciences, aerospace and Defense Fluid Conveyance Systems4. Consolidate the leadership position in India and accelerate the expansion in international Markets

What is a Hose?

A hose is designed as a flexible hollow tube to carry fluids from one location to another. Hoses are also known or can be called as pipes, or more generally tubing. The shape of a hose is basically in a cylindrical structure(having a circular cross section).

The Hose design is based on a combination of application and performance, with common factors such as size, pressure rating, weight, length, straight hose or coilhose, and chemical compatibility.

Polyhose mostly uses polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, or synthetic or natural rubbers, based on the environment and pressure rating needed. After many years of research, hoses can also be manufactured from special grades of polyethylene (LDPE and especially LLDPE). Other hose materials include PTFE (Teflon), UHP (Ultra High Pressure Hoses), stainless steel and other metals.

Types of Hoses -

There are many different types of Hoses manufactured by Polyhose. Some of them are:-

Hydraulic Hoses -

A hydraulic hose is specifically designed to convey hydraulic fluid to or among hydraulic elements, valves, actuators, and tools. It's generally a versatile, often strengthened, and typically made with many layers of reinforcement, since the hydraulic systems frequently operate at high or very high pressures. The flexibleness of hose allows elements to be positioned within the best or convenient places, because the hose has the flexibility to bend around corners, through tight areas, or across long distances. Hydraulic hose provides a basic means that for transporting fluid from one element to a different, and at constant time it provides an inherent skillfulness to designers.

Composite Hoses -

Composite hose is a distinctive hose composed with many layers of special materials, held up along between an inner and outer wire. They're primarily used for bunkering of chemicals and oily product. Composite hoses have a high chemical resistance, and are so normally utilized in chemical environments. It can also be utilized in oil/chemical storage and distribution terminals, refineries and shipping corporations among others. Composite Hoses are typically used as a general transfer hoses, jumper connections, in-plant transfers, ship to shore merchandise hoses, road and rail transport for loading and unloading of tank trucks or rail tankers, fitted on loading and unloading terminals, in port terminals, etc.

Rubber Hoses -

Rubber hydraulic hose is a common and necessary component in infinite industrial and mobile machines. It is the plumbing that routes hydraulic fluid between tanks, pumps, valves, cylinders and alternative fluid-power elements. Plus, hose is usually simple to route and install, and it absorbs vibration and dampens noise. Hose assemblies and hoses with couplings are connected to the ends. They're comparatively easy to create. Rubber hydraulic hose is usually remarked by the sort of reinforcement: "braided" or "spiral."

Thermoplastic Hoses -

Thermoplastic hoses are common in both mobile and industrial instrumentality, & they are widely utilized in medium-to-high pressure hydraulic applications. Connected merchandise are usually nominative for handling compressed airs and different gases, transporting chemicals, and in water-cleaning and paint-spray operation. Thermoplastic hose offers a large kind of additional worth over their rubber counterparts. Thermoplastic hose is constructed with a high level of contact strength between the layers of core, braid and jacket. This contact is generated because thermoplastic materials is re-melted throughout the production method permitting both a chemical and mechanical bond. Thermoplastic hose also typically has one or 2 reinforcing layers that offers required strength and adequate pressure-holding ability.

These hoses, and other industrial & automative hoses are widely used for gardening, submarines, under-water diving, agricultures and in many other fields.

Success of Polyhose?

1. Market and customer oriented approach2. Constant attention to technological innovation and modern research3. Use of high quality standards at each production and organization stage4. Constant training of technical and sales staff5. Creating win- win partnerships6. Vision and commitment to expand product portfolio in fluid conveyance products

Commitments of Polyhose?

1. On-time delivery of high performance products meeting customer requirements2. Redefining polymer engineering3. Deliver quality excellence exceeding international standards4. Collaborative, long term partnerships with strategic customers 5. Global Presence and Support.

Dreams of Polyhose?

Polyhose looks forward to extend its association with dynamic organisations in search of latest developments within the field of commercial, Automobile, Hydraulic and pneumatic applications with an aim to ascertain the price effects and prime quality hoses for hydraulic power transmission.

Polyhose endeavors to satisfy and supply worth to it’s customers by safely producing reliable, quality fluid conveyance merchandise and services to attain international recognition; whereas meeting all stakeholders’ objectives.

At the end of the day?

Polyhose, these days is a world category manufacturer of Thermoplastic, Rubber Hydraulic, PTFE and Industrial hose with an annual capability of a hundred million meters. Positive direction and development has distended its horizons to the corporate and has developed its producing and distribution business globally.

Polyhose is engaged in producing thermoplastic tubes & hoses, PVC and PTFE hoses to shield the atmosphere and additionally to demonstrate the most effective performance through a continuous improvement of the company by services and merchandise and also through specializing in prevention of pollution.

Our Scale of economy can provide benefits for both International and Indian client and that we sincerely request the customers to relish the advantages of Quality - Cost - Service by patronizing the Polyhose brand. Polyhose is committed in promoting employment by maintaining accidental free work areas, with safe operating conditions and safe work practices.

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