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How To Backup Bookmarks Chrome?

Author: Rajesh Goyal
by Rajesh Goyal
Posted: Feb 16, 2019
chrome bookmarks

Hey, friends are you also getting nightmares of losing your Google Chrome bookmarks as I did earlier. If yes then I think with this article I will surely be able to help you out. Whenever you find any website interesting without any delay you just bookmark it to make it reachable afterward. When you bookmark in Chrome for any site then you can reach it anytime whenever you want to. Can you imagine these Backup chrome bookmarks vanished one day and left you in an awful situation?

No, you can’t imagine this. However, this can happen anytime or to anybody. You can’t wake up every time in the fear that you would lose the bookmarks.

So, to avoid this dreadful situation you just need to be updated about Backup Chrome Bookmarks.

Well, I know there are around three-four questions that are causing burning sensation inside your head too. "What about Backup Chrome Bookmarks to a secure location". I am thinking of getting a new version of Google Chrome. So can I create it?

Would I be able to auto- backup saved Google Chrome bookmarks? I always clear my history, caches, and cookies to maintain the good speed of chrome browser.

This removes my bookmark every time. Can I save Backup Chrome Bookmarks automatically?

Can I able to restore the backup Bookmarks in Chrome? In case if I lost the bookmarks you can restore them. So many questions are swarming inside your mind. Just relax? Follow this article to get your all answers here only.


Now the main thing I am sure you are pondering about "How to do Chrome Bookmarks export? When you will do the Google Chrome Bookmarks export you will be able to add it to any browser according to your choice.

Currently, there is no option available for exporting your bookmarks from the phone apps. But you can export them from the computer version easily.

If there is syncing of your phone bookmarks with your Google Chrome account then they are available for export. If you want to export them to any computing device version then you will be able to do it.

Previously when you don’t have much idea to export the Google Chrome Bookmarks then you find it quite difficult but with this article undoubtedly you will find it easy.

We will show you here how you can do Google Chrome Bookmarks export. There are some steps that you have to follow the Chrome Bookmarks Export:

  • In the first step, you will open the Google Chrome browser. If you have Google Chrome account available and your bookmarks are saved there then you need to sign in first. This will help you to display your all bookmarks.
  • After this, you have to click on the "Utility Icon".
  • In the next step, you have to go to Bookmark option that will be pop up to the left side of the page.
  • Now click on the Bookmark Manager. This will allow you to organize your all existed bookmarks. To go to the Bookmark manager directly by following this you can go directly to your Bookmark manager by Ctrl+Shift+O on windows.
  • Now click on the utility button at the top-right. Now after this you will click on the Chrome Bookmarks Export. Your computer will allow you to choose the location of your own choice to save your bookmarks.
    • You have to pick a name as well as a location for the bookmark file. You will get the option "Save as" when you will click on the Chrome Bookmarks export This will allow you to decide on which location you want to save it. When you will choose the location and name then this will make it easy for you to seek it easily later.
    • If you will not give it any name it will save as "Bookmarks" by default. The default storage area for your bookmarks is the "Documents" folder. When you will click on the save button then it will be started
    • When you will follow these steps then it will be easy for you to Chrome bookmarks export in a different situation. This will help you to stay away from the fear of losing them.

      Now our next method will help you to tell that how to Auto– backup bookmarks in Chrome.


Folk, if you want to skip the method of backup again and again then you can get some tools online. This will do work for you. There are many back-ups as well as recovery software available for you to use on the internet.

We are suggesting you one named EaseUS Todo Backup Free. You can try this after downloading it to the net and this will make everything easy for you.

  • This method helps you with auto backup bookmarks in Chrome and here you would get the idea about it. For this, you need to install EaseUS Todo Backup tool first to proceed After launching it you need to click on the file backup option.
  • This step will be proceeded further after selecting Chrome bookmarks and it follow the given path: Computer> system (C:)> Users> Username> AppData> Chrome. To move further you need to select the destination to save your bookmarks. This will help you to autosave your Backup Bookmarks Chrome to this location automatically.
  • Now in the next step, you also have to select backup frequency. To this, you will click on the Sacrifice option. After this, this tool will help you to automatically create a bookmark for you chrome bookmarks.
  • This step will be followed by the click on the save button and then to proceed button. This will allow you to auto-backup chrome bookmarks.

Now your third question that how you can restore the chrome bookmark will be answered here. This is the second segment and this will help you in the condition where you have lost your bookmarks and you need to restore them.

If you are in such condition then avoid fear and anger. Just follow these steps and help yourself. Just take a look at these steps: backup bookmarks chrome

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