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Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera Found Guilty

Author: David Elstob
by David Elstob
Posted: Feb 16, 2019
chapo guzman Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Found Guilty

The small town of La Tuna in Sinaloa, Mexico, would become forever famous when on the 4th April, 1957, its most famous son was born. His name? Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, more commonly known as "Chapo Guzman" or just "El Chapo," which translates as Shorty in English. From a poverty-stricken farming community to the world’s most powerful drug lord, his story is the stuff of legend.

Such a meteoric rise, however, always comes with a gigantic fall. With the weight of a three-month trial on his shoulders, and a crushing guilty verdict, it’s the prosecution who are walking tall.

Chapo’s rise from rural farmer to drug-lord billionaire, is a story that has captured the imagination of the worldwide media. Unfortunately for the big boss, his megabucks won’t do him much good now he is slammed up in America’s federal prison system. For a start, he’s been found guilty on all ten charges, which due to their severity, should be enough to put him away for the rest of his life.

Smuggling tones of narcotics into the United States of America gives you tonnes of jail in return.

In Mexico Chapo Guzman was used to running the prison as he liked. His first stint in jail was a joke. He literally had every guard – and even the prison authorities – in his pocket. When one senior police officer visited him, he feared for his life, after Chapo told him that he’d just had a Jacuzzi to relax before he took their visit. That’s when the guy thought to himself: "El Chapo is in charge here!"

The Former Cartel Boss is Worth Billions

Shortly afterwards Mr Guzman escaped from the maximum security prison in Jalisco state in 2001. Obviously he’d had enough of his 20-year sentence, even though it wasn’t anything like real prison. They even moved women into the same section due to his demands and one was his full-time girlfriend. They are said to have wheeled him out in a laundry basket.

The Legend of Shorty was Getting too Big!

In 2015 Shorty made the James Bond-style escape from another supposedly high-security prison in Mexico. This time it was Altiplano prison, but the result was exactly the same. Shorty had escaped. In what could be described as the most audacious prison escape of all time. One that would make a movie star proud. Chapo was last seen on CCTV bending down behind his shower stall and leaving for his escape tunnel, dug directly beneath his cell and with a motorbike ready to whisk him away.

Only this time he’d done himself no favours. With every escape, while Guzman’s name might have been growing in folklore, it was becoming increasingly insulting for authorities when they had to face the world’s media and explain themselves. How they asked, could a high-profile prisoner like Chapo Guzman be able to escape from a mile-long tunnel?

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